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Tue 12 Oct 1993

Calls: Cultural Universals, Diachronic gen. syntax, TESL-EJ

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  1. William J. Rapaport, Call for Papers: Cultural Universals
  2. Ans van Kemenade, FOR THE LISTSERV
  3. Margaret E Sokolik, TESL-EJ: Now Accepting Manuscripts

Message 1: Call for Papers: Cultural Universals

Date: Mon, 4 Oct 93 09:59:40 EDTCall for Papers: Cultural Universals
From: William J. Rapaport <rapaportcs.Buffalo.EDU>
Subject: Call for Papers: Cultural Universals

Organization: University at Buffalo


The Monist. An International Journal of General Philosophical Inquiry

Special Issue on: Cultural Universals

Publication Date: January 1995

Deadline for submissions: Spring 1994

Advisory Editors: Tadashi Ogawa (Kyoto) and Barry Smith (SUNY Buffalo)

Debates on `multiculturalism' and related issues have rarely
given serious consideration to the question as to what extent
there are aspects of thought and action, of language and custom,
which are invariant across all cultures and societies, as recent
work in linguistics and in cultural and cognitive anthropology
seems strongly to suggest. Contributors are invited to consider
from a philosophical point of view the question of the existence
and nature of cultural universals. Contributions of a purely
systematic sort are especially welcome, but authors may choose
also to consider the issues in question also historically, for
example in light of Husserl's theory of the life world or in
relation to the common-sense philosophies of Reid, Wittgenstein
or G. E. Moore.

Please address correspondence to The Editor, IAP, Obergass 75,
FL - 9494 Schaan, Liechtenstein.

Address from Autumn 1994:
c/o Department of Philosophy, University at Buffalo, Buffalo NY 14260-1010
Fax: 716 645 3825, Tel.: 716 645 2444

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Date: Thu, 7 Oct 93 9:50:53 GMT FOR THE LISTSERV
From: Ans van Kemenade <>

Call for papers

The third diachronic generative syntax conference will be held at the
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, on 30 March, 31 March, 1 April 1994.

Invited speakers include: Cecilia Falk, Paul Kiparsky, Anthony Kroch,
David Lightfoot, Cecilia Poletto, Maria Luisa Rivero, Ian Roberts,
Nigel Vincent, Fred Weerman

Abstracts (max. 2 pages) are solicited for 45-minute papers, followed by
discussion time. Discussion will be introduced by a discussant. Draft
versions of the papers are to be available for discussants in advance.
Deadline for abstracts is 1 December 1993.

Speakers may expect partial reimbursement of their expenses.

Address for further information and abstracts:
 Ans van Kemenade
 Vrije Universiteit, Taalkunde/Engels
 de Boelelaan 1105
 1081 HV Amsterdam
 fax: #31-(0)20-6446436

The third diachronic generative syntax conference is funded by the
Dutch national linguistics graduate network LOT; the Netherlands
Organisation for the advancement of research (NWO); the Royal
Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW).

Executive Committee: Aafke Hulk (U. of Amsterdam); Eric Reuland (U. of
Utrecht); Fred Weerman (U. of Utrecht).
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Message 3: TESL-EJ: Now Accepting Manuscripts

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 93 19:03:32 -0TESL-EJ: Now Accepting Manuscripts
From: Margaret E Sokolik <>
Subject: TESL-EJ: Now Accepting Manuscripts

 ***********************CALL FOR MANUSCRIPTS*******************

TESL-EJ is a refereed electronic journal publishing articles in
the research and practice of the teaching of English as a second
or foreign language. TESL-EJ welcomes, for quarterly publication,
studies in ESL/EFL pedagogy, second language acquisition,
language assessment, applied socio- and psycholinguistics, and
other related areas. The first issue will appear in the spring of

TESL-EJ accepts full length articles (include an abstract of no
more than 150 words) and solicited and unsolicited reviews of
books and other media. The Forum, a vehicle for discussion of
topics of interest, also invites contributions. Query the
appropriate editor for more information.

Submissions should conform generally to the American
Psychological Association (3rd Edition) format. Please obtain a
copy of the full formatting procedures before submitting (see the
bottom of this message). All initial submissions must be in
"hard" ASCII (ASCII plus hard returns) text files preferably sent
by e-mail to the appropriate editor.

Those without e-mail access may submit their manuscripts on a
1.4MB 3.5inch diskette in either MS-DOS or Macintosh format.
The editors reserve the right to return poorly edited or
improperly formatted manuscripts. Hard-copy only submissions
cannot be accepted or returned.

Correspondence and submissions should be directed to the
following persons at the e-mail or postal addresses (for
diskette submissions only) shown below:

Full-length articles: Maggi Sokolik, Editor, TESL-EJ
& general <>
correspondence or <>

Book reviews: Suzanne Irujo, Book Review Editor,

Media reviews: Michael Feldman, Media Review Editor,

Forum and Discussion: Janet Sutherland, Forum Editor, TESL-EJ

<> or

Maggi Sokolik Suzanne Irujo
College Writing Programs School of Education
Univ. of California 605 Commonwealth Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94720 USA Boston University
phone: +1 510.642.5570 Boston, MA 02215 USA
fax: +1 510.642.6963 phone: +1 617-353-6294
 fax: +1 617-353-3924

Michael Feldman Janet Sutherland
19 Ware St #7 Fachbereich f.
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA Allgemeinwissenschaften
phone: +1 617-492-3916 Fachhochschule Regensburg
fax: +1 617-353-6195 Pruefeningerstr. 58
 93049 Regensburg

Internet subscribers can get complete style guidelines from the
file, available by anonymous ftp at The directory path is

TESL-L subscribers can send a request to LISTSERVCUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
(bitnet LISTSERVCUNYVM.BITNET) with the message

All others should contact the Editor.

Subscription information for TESL-EJ will be available soon.
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