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Wed 13 Oct 1993

FYI: IPPE, Bulgarian E-Mail

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  1. Richard Reiner, IPPE one-month status report
  2. Gregory V. Gouzev, Bulgarian e-mail

Message 1: IPPE one-month status report

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1993 09:10:12 IPPE one-month status report
From: Richard Reiner <>
Subject: IPPE one-month status report

Since our opening (one month ago this week), the International
Philosophical Preprint Exchange has handled a total of 3131 requests for
the working papers and other documents available on the system. These
requests came from a total of 845 distinct users, in dozens of
countries. We find this level of usage very encouraging, and we thank
all of those who have supported our fledgling effort.

We have plenty of room for growth, and we encourage all to browse the
papers available on the IPPE, and to submit their own working papers for
instant, free distribution to colleagues worldwide.

To get started using the IPPE, try the command "gopher" on
your host computer. If that doesn't work (presumably because your host
system doesn't yet have Gopher software--ask your system adminstrator to
install it!), send a piece of email containing the following four lines:

 send getting-started
 send INDEX

to the address,
and a beginner's guide will be sent to you by email.

We are now in the process of preparing a short document explaining how
to place a working paper on the International Philosophical Preprint
Exchange, and explaining other factors relevant to submitting a paper
(that copyright remains with the author,that the paper remains
publishable, etc.). This guide is not yet ready, but we strongly
encourage submissions. Please contact me by email at the address if you have a paper you'd like to make available
through the International Philosophical Preprint Exchange, and I or one
of our volunteers will be happy to guide you through the submission

Richard Reiner, Coordinator
International Philosophical Preprint Exchange
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Message 2: Bulgarian e-mail

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 93 12:43:15 EDBulgarian e-mail
From: Gregory V. Gouzev <>
Subject: Bulgarian e-mail

Dear Linguists,

Recently I posted a query about the e-mails of the American University in
Bulgaria. I expose here the results for the benefit of all who'd like to
write there, because I had such requests.

There are two variants to try first:
<name> and <name>

Yet the American University in Bulgaria is NOT connected to Internet via
an TCP/IP link, therefore, there is no way you can find aliases, or an
IP address for it. Sometimes local mailers reject '' as a valid
domain for this reason. What I found to work is:

Here are some names to use in case you have specific questions:
valentin... Mr. Valentin Shopov, Office of Communications and Computing
danche... Iordanka Melnikliyska, Admissions Officer
watkins... Ms. Watkins, the President of the University
pstmaster... Gets forwarded to Mr. Shopov.

Thanks to:,, Wiktor Gonet
(, and Jeffrey Goldberg ( for
their invaluable help.

Gregory Gouzev,
Clarkson University
Potsdam, NY.
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