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Mon 18 Oct 1993

Confs: Comparative Linguistics

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  1. Brian Wallace, 2nd Workshop on Comparative Linguistics

Message 1: 2nd Workshop on Comparative Linguistics

Date: Mon, 18 Oct 93 17:12:15 -02nd Workshop on Comparative Linguistics
From: Brian Wallace <>
Subject: 2nd Workshop on Comparative Linguistics

Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, Michigan

October 21-22, 1993

2nd Workshop on Comparative Linguistics
The Status of Nostratic:
Evidence and Evaluation

Thurs. Oct. 21
8:30 Registration, coffee and donuts
9:00 Welcoming remarks: Marcia Dalbey, Head
 Dept of English, Eastern Michigan U.
9:10 The Nostratic Enterprise
 Moderator: Joe Salmons, University of Wisconsin/Purdue University
9:20 "The Insider's View of Nostratic"
 Mark Kaiser, Illinois State University
10:00 "The Outsider's View of Nostratic"
 Alexis Manaster-Ramer, Wayne State University
10:40 Coffee
11:10 Discussant: Brent Vine, Princeton University
11:30 Open discussion
12:00 Lunch: The Parish House, 103 S. Huron, Ypsilanti
1:30 Methodological & Historical issues
 Moderator: Brian Joseph, The Ohio State University
1:40 "The History of Nostratic Scholarship"
 Vitaly Shevoroshkin, University of Michigan
2:20 "The Convergence of Nostratic and Eurasiatic"
 Joseph Greenberg, Stanford University (read by Keith Denning)
3:00 Coffee
3:30 Discussant: Mark Hale, Harvard University
3:50 Open discussion

Friday, Oct. 22

9:00 The role of chance
 Moderator: Martha Ratliff, Wayne State University
9:10 "A Probabilistic Evaluation of Similarities among Very
 Dissimilar Languages"
 Robert Oswalt, California Indian Language Center
9:50 "A Probabilistic Evaluation of Indo-Uralic"
 Donald Ringe, University of Pennsylvania
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Discussant: William Baxter, University of Michigan
11:20 Open discussion
11:40 Lunch
1:00 Family-specific connections
 Moderator: Anthony Aristar, Texas A&M University
1:10 "Implications of Lislakh for Nostratic"
 Carleton Hodge, Indiana University
1:50 "Nostratic and Altaic: The Level of Relationship"
 Alexander Vovin, University of Michigan
2:30 Coffee
3:00 Discussant: William Rozycki, Indiana University
3:20 Discussant (Some IE models for Nostratic): Eric Hamp,
 University of Chicago
3:40 Open discussion
4:30 Panel Discussion: Final assessment of the Workshop
6:30 Party at Helen Aristar-Dry's house: 909 Sunset, Ann Arbor
 Meet in the first floor lobby of McKenny Union for a ride.
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