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Wed 03 Nov 1993

FYI: Online Resources

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  1. , Resources available on
  2. , List of NLP software available

Message 1: Resources available on

Date: Sat, 30 Oct 93 13:44:18 EDResources available on
From: <>
Subject: Resources available on

Dear Colleagues,

This is to announce that two on-line resources just announced in
LINGUIST Vol-4-894:, the lexical analysis tool
 -- Jari Perkiomaki ( in Vol-4-894:1, and
 bibliography.tar.Z, the CLSI bibliography in tib format
 -- Jane Edwards ( in Vol-4-894:2.

are now also available for anonymous ftp on the UMich Linguistics
Archive (

How to get there:

 [sign on as "anonymous", sans quotes]
 [give your email address as your password]

Respectively, their locations are:

 Commands to get it:
 cd linguistics/software/dos
 ls -ls

 Commands to get it:
 cd linguistics/handouts/biblio
 ls -ls
 get bibliography.tar.Z

 "quit" is the command to leave ftp.


 (1) ftp is a computer program and recognizes only its official
 commands. Synonyms are meaningless to it, and cajolery or
 abuse will produce little lasting satisfaction.

 (2) ftp assumes that you know what you're doing on your home computer,
 and does not check to see if you have enough file space available
 to store the file you're GETting, nor that the file name is a legal
 one on your home system. If it isn't (for instance, if it's too
 long or doesn't match the well-formedness constraints of your
 operating system), you can ask for the file to be renamed in
 transit simply by including the name you'd prefer as a second
 accusative in the GET command, thus:

 get bibliography.tar.Z CLSI.Z

 (3) ftp is *only* available on the Internet. If you don't think you're
 on the Internet, check with your system gurus; they may have
 switched over and neglected to tell you.

 (4) ftp exists in many versions and local dialects. Some are more
 capable than others. Problems with ftp should be taken up with
 your *local* system support people, not with me.

 (5) is the largest public domain archive in the
 world, and it can get clogged sometimes. Avoid attempting to use
 it during working hours (8-5 EST), and note that it is echoed in a
 number of other sites, some more convenient for users outside N.

Anyone wishing to place any software or other significant resource on
the UM archive may PUT it in the /linguistics/uploads directory, and
then send me e-mail about it.

 John Lawler <>
 Linguistics Program University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
 Archivist UM Linguistics Online Archive
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Message 2: List of NLP software available

Date: Wed, 3 Nov 93 10:54:53 +01List of NLP software available
From: <>
Subject: List of NLP software available

Hello linguists,

we produced a list of about 250 NLP programs. The list contains
addresses and technical information. The list is written in
German (sorry!) and some information is only useful for our
internal use. But if you are interested you can get the list via

 Hostname: []
 Directory: outgoing
 Files: (compressed PostScript)

If you have problems to access the list please contact me.

It would be nice to send me a short email if you have got the list.

Martin Schulze
Institut fuer Computerlinguistik
Universitaet Koblenz-Landau, Abteilung Koblenz
Rheinau 1 / 56075 Koblenz / Germany
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