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Thu 04 Nov 1993

Confs: Second Language, Parsing

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  1. Cook V J, European Second Language Association
  2. Toine Andernach, Workshop: TWLT 6 on PARSING NATURAL LANGUAGE

Message 1: European Second Language Association

Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 14:56:44 GMEuropean Second Language Association
From: Cook V J <>
Subject: European Second Language Association

 EUROSLA Annual Conference 1994

 Preliminary notice

The Fourth Annual Conference of EUROSLA

(European Second Language Association

 will be at:

University of Provence, Aix en Provence

 8th - 10th September 1994

A multidisciplinary conference for second

 language researchers and specialists

 EUROSLA has no official language

20% reduction for EUROSLA members

Conference Organiser:

 Dr Daniel Veronique,

 Centre des Lettres et Sciences


 29, avenue Robert Schuman,

 13621 Aix-en-Provence, France

fax: 42 20 64 87

Membership Secretary:

 Dr Vera Regan, Dept. of French,

 University College Dublin, Bellfield,

 Dublin 4, Ireland.

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Date: Thu, 4 Nov 93 12:03:39 +01Workshop: TWLT 6 on PARSING NATURAL LANGUAGE
From: Toine Andernach <>

 Twente Workshop on Language Technology 6



Final Announcement


 Date: 16 and 17 December 1993
 Location: "De Vrijhof", Enschede, the Netherlands

TWLT 6 is co-sponsored by ACL SIGPARSE, the Special Interest Group
on Parsing Technologies of the Association of Computational
Linguistics (ACL).


This is the sixth Twente Workshop on Language Technology organised
in Twente, a beautiful region in the Netherlands. Previous work-
shops have been on Tomita's Algorithm, Linguistic Engineering,
Connectionist Natural Language Processing, Pragmatics in Language
Technology and Natural Language Interfaces. In this international
workshop researchers on parsing technologies in computational
linguistics and those working at the borderline of computer
science and computational linguistics will get the opportunity to
present their research and discuss developments in parsing tech-

About TWLT6

Topics of TWLT6 include: parsing for spelling correction, head-
corner parsing and unification, the logical structure of language,
practical comparisons between parallel parsing algorithms, tree
adjoining grammar parsing, Definite Clause Grammar parsing,
multiple agents processing, comparison of ALE and PATR, parsing
ill-formed input, syntactic and semantic information from punc-
tuation, et cetera. The proceedings of the workshop will be
available during the workshop.

TWLT 6 Program

Thursday, December 16, 1993:

10.15 Registration and coffee

10.55 A. Nijholt: Opening

11.00 V. Manca (University of Pisa): Typology and Logical
Structure of Natural Languages.

11.40 R. Bod (University of Amsterdam): Data Oriented Parsing as
a General Framework for Stochastic Language Processing.

12.10 K. Sikkel (University of Twente): Specification of Parsing
Strategies for Unification Grammars.

12.40 Lunch

14.00 M. Stefanova & W. ter Stal (University of Sofia / University
of Twente): A Comparison of ALE and PATR: Practical Experiences.

14.30 H. de Vreught (University of Delft): A Practical Comparison
between Parallel Tabular Recognizers.

15.00 Pause

15.30 M. Verlinden (University of Twente): A Head-Corner Parser
for Unification Grammars.

16.00 M.-J. Nederhof (University of Nijmegen): A Multi-Disci-
plinary Approach to a Parsing Algorithm.

16.30 G. Satta (University of Venice): Recognition and Parsing of
Tree-Adjoining Grammars

17.10 Drinks

Friday, December 17, 1993:

09.00 F. Barthelemy (University of Lisbon): A Single Formalism for
a Wide Range of Parsers for DCGs.

09.30 E. Csuhaj-Varju and R. Abo-Alez (Hungarian Academy of
Sciences, Budapest): Multi-Agent Systems in Language Processing.

10.00 C. Cremers (University of Leiden): Parsing Co-ordination

10.30 Pause

10.50 M. Wiren (University of Saarbrucken): Bounded Incremental

11.20 V. Kubon, V. Petkevic and M. Platek (Charles University,
Prague): Robust Parsing and Grammar Checking of Free Word Order

11.50 V. Srinivasan (University of Mainz): Punctuation and
Parsing of Real-World Texts.

12.20 Lunch

13.45 T.G. Vosse (University of Leiden): Robust Parsing for
Spelling Correction.

14.15 B. Lang (INRIA, Paris): Parsing Ill-Formed Input.

14.50 Pause

15.10 M. Tomita (Pittsburgh): Parsing Spontaneous Speech.

15.55 Closing of the workshop



We prefer registration before December 1. E-mail the organizing
secretariat, include name, address and whether you need hotel
reservation. The workshop fee is Dfl. 100 (students Dfl. 50). Fee
includes proceedings, lunches, coffee and tea during breaks and
the informal reception on December 16. Payment will be made only

Workshop Site and Accommodation

The workshop will take place in "De Vrijhof" at the campus of the
University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands. There is a direct
train connection from Amsterdam airport to Hengelo or Enschede.
The organizing secretariat can handle hotel reservations at the
campus or in nearby cities. Standard room including breakfast at
the campus is Dfl. 100 per night. Cheaper accommodation is
available on request.

Workshop Organizing Secretariat

Mrs. J. Lammerink, Department of Computer Science, University of
Twente, PO Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, the Netherlands.
Tel.: 31-53-893680
Fax: 31-53-315283
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