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Sat 06 Nov 1993

Calls: Anaphoric Relations

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  1. Guido Vanden Wyngaerd, Anaphoric relations Conference

Message 1: Anaphoric relations Conference

Date: Fri, 05 Nov 93 11:20:49 +0Anaphoric relations Conference
From: Guido Vanden Wyngaerd <HAAAM02BLEKUL11.bitnet>
Subject: Anaphoric relations Conference

 Is it a call for papers ?

Of course, this is not a correct question as it stands. But why
isn't it? What's wrong with it? Why are you so tempted to
change it in this? If you think there is something missing here,
what is? And why does Is this a call for papers seem a complete

Anaphors like it and this are not the empty words some authors
seem to believe they are. They create expectations of coherence
and effects of incoherence when they are not correctly used.
These observations suggest a series of questions :

- What are anaphors?
- Is there a difference between anaphora and deixis?
- What exactly is the distinction between syntactically bound
 and discourse anaphors?
- What is the linguistic meaning of these anaphoric words?
- Is there a distinction between this linguistic meaning and
 what enables them to identify a referent?
- What is it then that enables them to create expectations
 and effects of (in)coherence?

These and other questions will constitute the topic of the
conference on


which will be organised by the Belgian circle of linguistics,
Travaux de linguistique at the University of Antwerp (UIA) from
1 to 3 december 1994.

The conference will include lectures on the semantics and
pragmatics of anaphors (nominal or temporal) in general and on
their contrbution to the creation of (in) coherence in

Authors are requested to submit four copies of a one-page
abstract before April 1, 1994 to

 Walter De Mulder and Liliane Tasmowski-De Ryck
 Anaphoric Relations and (in)coherence
 Universiteitsplein 1
 B-2610 Wilrijk
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