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Sum: Mongolian bibliography

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Message 1: Mongolian bibliography

Date: 11 Feb 1993 10:18:28 -0500Mongolian bibliography
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Subject: Mongolian bibliography

a few weeks ago. So here they are, all about which I got sufficient infor-d
mation for a bibliographic citation:
Anderson, Ken. 1992. Vowel harmony and vowel contrast in
Mongolian, Korean, Tibetan and Akan. Ms. University of

Binnick, Robert. 1979. Modern Mongolian. A transformational
syntax. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Buck, F.H. 1955. Comparative study of postpositions in Mongolian
dialects and the written language. Cambridge: Harvard
University Press.

Chenggeltai, . 1980 Modern Mongolian Grammar (in Mongolian).
Hohhot: Inner Mongol People's Publisher.

Chinggaltai, 1951. Mongol Grammar. The Evangelical PeopleUs

Choi, Keyho. 1988. On interrogative sentences in Mongolian. In
Linguistic Society of Korea (ed.) Linguistics in the Morning Calm
2, Seoul: Hanshin Publishing Co. Pp. 307-316.

Dob. 1983. Mengguyu jianzhi (A brief survey of the Mongolian
language) (in Chinese). Beijing: Minzu Chubanshe.

Gronbeck, K. and Krueger, J.R> 1955. An introduction to classical
Mongolian. Wiesbaden: Otto Herrassowitz.

Hammar, Lucia, 1978. Support for a revised RelsewhereS condition
from Mongolian phonology. Paper presented at summer LSA

Hammar, Lucia. 1982. Topics and Zero Noun Phrase Anaphora in
Mongolian: an Extra-sentential Analysis. Indiana University
Linguistics Colloquium paper, Jan. 1982.

Hammar, Lucia. 1983. Syntactic and pragmatic options in Mongolian:
a study of bol and nU. Indiana University Ph.D. Dissertation.

Hamp, Eric P. 1958. Vowel Harmony in Classical Mongolian. Word

Hangin, John G. 1968. Basic Course in Mongolian Indiana University
Publications #73. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

Institut national de langues et civilisations orientales. nd. Guide de
conversation franco-mongole. (word lists, phrases)

Janhunen, J. 1990. Material on Manchurian Khamnigan Mongol
(Castrenianumin Toimetterta 37) Helsinki. (previously almost
unknown dialect--archaic)

Janhunen, J. 1991. Material on Manchurian Khamnigan Evenki
(Castrenianumin Toimitevta 40). Helsinki.

Lightner, Theodore M. 1965. On the description of vowel harmony
and consonant harmony. Word 21.244ff.

Namsara and Has-erdeni. 1983. A comparative study of Dagur and
Mongolian (in Mongolian). Hohhot: Inner Mongol People's

Poppe, N. 1954. Grammar of written Mongolian. Wiesbaden: Otto

Poppe, N. 1955. Introduction to Mongolian comparative studies.

Poppe, N. 1970. Mongolian Language Handbook . Washington:
Center for Applied Linguistics.

Street, John C. 1963. Khalkha Structure. Volume 24 of the Uralic and
Altaic Series. Bloomington: Indiana University Publications.

Svantesson, Jan-Olof. 1985. Vowel harmony shift in Mongolian.
Lingua 67.283-327.

Whymant, Neville J. 1926. A Mongolian Grammar. London: Kegan
Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd.

Thanks to all who contributed.
Nancy Stenson
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