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Fri 12 Nov 1993

FYI: International Philosophical Preprint Exchange

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Message 1: International Philosophical Preprint Exchange

Date: Fri, 12 Nov 93 20:10:04 +0International Philosophical Preprint Exchange
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Subject: International Philosophical Preprint Exchange

We are pleased to report that the International Philosophical Preprint
Exchange continues to serve upwards of 150 users per day, and that
submissions continue to arrive steadily.

We are also glad to report that we shall soon be able to announce
several exciting new services on the IPPE, which devolve from
cooperative ventures between the IPPE and journal editors and conference
organizers. (We encourage the editors of scholarly journals, and the
organizers of philosophical conferences, to contact us regarding the
possibility such ventures.)

We are also involved in establishing a North American mirror archive,
which will maintain a copy of the IPPE's holdings at a location with
better and faster connectivity to our largest user population.

Despite the high level of activity, we have considerable resources which
remain unused. Not only do we have large amounts of online storage
still available, but we have been able to hold the time required for
review of submissions to only a few days. Thus we remain able to offer
philosophers a means of bringing a working paper to the attention of
colleagues almost immediately.

We encourage the submission of working papers in all areas of
philosophy. Papers are subjected to a process of "minimal refereeing",
designed to assure only that they meet the standard of being "of
interest to contemporary academic philosophers". (Thus far, we have
been fortunate in receiving fewer than a dozen unacceptable papers.)

If you wish to submit a working paper to the IPPE, please contact
Carolyn Burke, who will be pleased to assist you. Carolyn can be
reached by email at the address, and by telephone
at (416) 736-5113, or from outside North America +1 (416) 736-5113.

If you are in a hurry and are familiar with Internet file transfer
techniques, just read the instructions available in the README file in
the submissions directory on the IPPE; or mail a diskette (MSDOS or
Macintosh format) containing your paper (in any well-known wordprocessor
format) to:

 IPPE IPPE, c/o Syun Tutiya
 Dept. of Philosophy Dept. of Philosophy
 York University or Faculty of Letters
 4700 Keele St. Chiba University
 Toronto, Ontario 1-33 Yayoi-cho, Inage-ku, Chiba
 M3J 1P3 Canada 263 JAPAN

In either case, please provide a separate file containing a 150 word
abstract of your paper, in the format used for abstracts on the IPPE.

Accessing the International Philosophical Preprint Exchange:
By ftp: "ftp".
By gopher: "gopher" or "gopher".
By email: "mail".
Questions: "mail".
To upload a paper or comment: see pub/submissions/README.
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