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Sun 21 Nov 1993

Books: phonology, syntax, semantics, morphology

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  1. I, phonology, syntax, semantics, morphology

Message 1: phonology, syntax, semantics, morphology

Date: Sun 21 Nov 1993
From: I <>
Subject: phonology, syntax, semantics, morphology


UMOP 16; University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers in Linguistics,
 vol 16: Phonological Representations (1993); T. Sherer (ed.);
 Pb.; $15; Graduate Linguistic Student Association (GLSA),
 University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
 UMOP 16 includes papers in phonology by J. N. Beckman; A. E.
 Gnanadesikan; J. Kingston; J. J. McCarthy; B. Rohrbacker; S.
 Rosenthall; J. Runner; A. J. Schafer; T. D. Sherer; R. Thorburn;
 S. C. Urbanczyk; L. J. Walsh.


Bittner, Maria; Rutgers Un; Case, Scope, and Binding; HB 0-7923-26490;
 202 pp; Kluwer Academic Publishers; Email;
This book investigates the relation between syntax and semantics. It is
argued that case, reflexive binding, as well as minimum scopes, are all
determined by the syntactic relations which hold at s-structure.
Cross-linguistic variation with respect to these phenomena is due to
corresponding variations at the s-structure level. A novel theory of case
and semantics is proposed and tested against the typologically unusual
facts of Inuit (Eskimo-Aleut family).

 1993. 194 pp. Paperbound. ISBN 88-7011-556-9
 Lit.45.000; approx. US $ 27 Rosenberg & Sellier
 via Andrea Doria 14, I-10123 Torino (Italy)
The book deals with causative and perception verbs in Italian and
French, with important extensions to Germanic and Balcanic languages.
Elaborating on Baker's (1988) work on incorporation, the author pro-
poses that languages may vary according to whether incorporation
occurs at lexical or sublexical level.


Zucchi, Alessandro; Un. of Illinois; The Language of Propositions and Events;
 HB 0-7923-24374; 281 pp; Kluwer Academic,;
'The Language of Propositions and Events' offers a comprehensive theory of
the relation between noun meaning and verb meaning. The book addresses,
moreover, the issue of the argument structure of nominals and offers an
analysis of the puzzling distribution of 'infinito sostantivato' in


 realizational approach. 1993 450 pp. Paper ISBN 4-87718-001-X
 International Language Science Publishers, Tokyo and Taipei $39.95
 >Internet: Morphology Realizational Textbook
Introduction to morphology, providing large amount of data from widely
different languages. Introduces concepts of morphology, techniques of
analysis, and preparation of precise grammatical descriptions. Excercises
provided in separate pamphlet. Mainstream relational/stratificational.
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