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Sun 21 Nov 1993

Books: Language acquisition, psycholinguistics

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  1. I, Language acquisition, psycholinguistics

Message 1: Language acquisition, psycholinguistics

Date: Sun 21 Nov 1993
From: I <>
Subject: Language acquisition, psycholinguistics


Tager-Flusberg, Helen (University of Massachusetts, Boston); Constraints on
 Language Acquisition: Studies of Atypical Children; 0-8058-0667-9
 [cloth] $49.95 ($29.95 special prepaid offer); 228pp. Erlbaum.
This edited volume examines the course of language acquisition under
exceptional circumstances including brain injury, deafness, autism, and
mental retardation. Each section contributes insight on how the biological
substrate for language interacts with cognitive and social factors.


Klei, Elaine C.; Queens College & City Un. of New York; Toward Second
 Language Acquisition; HB 0-7923-2463-3; 289 pp.; Kluwer Academic,
This book uniquely illustrates how second language acquisition (SLA) data
can instigate exploration and help inform linguistic and acquisition theory
in crucial ways. It also offers new perspectives toward our understanding
of the relationship between first and second language acquisition,
Universal Grammar (UG), and the target input language.

Packard, Jerome L.; Un. of Illinois at Urbana; A Linguistic Investigation
 of Aphasic Chinese Speech; HB 0-7923-2466-8; 324 pp.; Kluwer Academic,
This book provides the first detailed linguistic analysis of a large body
of aphasic Chinese natural speech data. It describes how the major aphasia
syndromes are manifest in Chinese, a language which differs significantly
from languages upon which traditional aphasia theory is based. The complete
corpora of 4 aphasic Chinese speakers are presented in an appendix.

Archibald, John; Un. of Calgary; Language Learnability and L2 Phonology;
 ISBN 0-7923-2486; 199 pp Hardbound; Kluwer Academic Publishers;
This book describes two studies conducted within a parametric framework in
the area of second language acquisition. The studies are designed to
investigate the acquisition of English stress patterns (via both production
and perception tasks) by adult speakers of Polish and Hungarian. This is
one of the few attempts to investigate the acquisition of L2 phonology
within a UG framework.
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