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Confs: Going Romance 1993

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Message 1: conference program

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1993 14:57:54 conference program
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Subject: conference program


The Seventh "Going Romance" Conference on Romance Languages and
Linguistics, organized by the Research Institute for Language and
Speech, the Holland Institute of Generative Linguistics and the
Department of Romance Languages of Utrecht University will be held in

Utrecht, December 10 & 11


December 10, morning session:
9.00 - 9.30 Registration
9.30 - 10.30 Guglielmo Cinque (Venezia, invited speaker): Romance pas=
participle movement and clause structure
10-30 - 11.10 Gloria Cocchi (Firenze): An explanation of the split in
the choice of perfect auxiliaries
11.30 - 12.10: Cristina Schmitt (Maryland): Participial Absolutes and
accusative clitic doubling
12.10 - 12.50: Aafke Hulk & Verheugd, Els (Amsterdam): Agreement and

December 10, afternoon session:
14.20 - 15.20: Christine Tellier (Universit=82 de Montr=82al, invited
speaker): Predication in copular and inalienable constructions
15.20 - 16.00: Ana Maria Martins (Lisboa): Enclisis, VP-deletion and
the nature of Sigma
16.20 - 17.00: Nigel Duffield (McGill, Montreal): Negative Polarity &
Quantifier Scope: the Case of French infinitives
17.00 - 17.40: Enric Vallduv=A1 (Edinburgh): Polarity items, n-words,=
minimizers in Catalan and Spanish
18.00 - 19.00: Ignacio Bosque (Universidad Complutense, Madrid, invit=
speaker): Degree estimatives and modal operators in Spanish

December 11, morning session:
9.00 - 10.00: Juan Uriagereka (Maryland, invited speaker): Why do
clitics move where?=20
10.00 - 10.40: Manuela Ambar (Lisboa): A Comp feature and some of its
11.00 - 11.40: Ana Maria Madeira (UC London): Inflected Infinitival
clauses in Portuguese
11.40 - 12.20: Josep Fontana (Ohio): Types of Verb-fronting in Old
12.20 - 13.00:M. Rita Manzini (London/Firenze): On the (Romance)

December 11, afternoon session:
14.30 - 15.30: Anne Zribi-Hertz (Paris-8, invited speaker): The synta=
of nominative clitics in standard and advanced French
15.30 - 16.10: Jose Bonneau (McGill, Montreal): Theoretical Implicati=
of the Analysis of Quantifier Climbing in Romance
16.30 - 17.10: Johan Rooryck (Leiden): On the difference between
syntactic alfa- and 0-underspecification
17.10 - 17.50: Anna Maria Di Sciullo (UQAM): Prefixes and the geometr=
of the Event

Frank Drijkoningen (Utrecht): Quantitive clitics, L-marking and Head-
Monique Dufresne & Dupuis, Fernande (UQAM): Modularity and the
Reanalysis of the French subject pronoun
Rose-Marie D=82chaine (Leiden): Predicate Ellipsis in English and Fre=

Location: Room 2.02 at Achter de Dom 22, Utrecht

Registration: The registration fee will be fl. 10.--

Registration at the conference site

The Organizing Committee:=20
Aafke Hulk
Ellen-Petra Kester
Manuela Pinto
Jan Schroten
Frank Drijkoningen

Phone: ++31-30-536400
Fax: ++31-30-536167
Postal address: Research Institute for Language and Speech (OTS),
Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht (The Netherlands)

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