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Confs: 8th Annual Conference on Pragmatics and Language Learning

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Date: Mon, 22 Nov 93 18:40:06 -0600
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 8th Annual Conference on Pragmatics and Language Learning
 and its Parasession on Pragmatics Research
 March 31 - April, 1994

The following description is designed to provide a more comprehensive descrip-
topm of the Parasession on Pragmatics Research to be held at the University
of Illinois (Urbana-Campus) in conjunction with the 8th Annual International
Conference on Pragmatics and Language Learning from March 31 through Aporil 2,
with the parasession continuing for the first two of those three days and the
conference continuing on through the third.

The parasession will begin at 9:00AM Thursday, March 31. There will be 4 plen-
ary presentations - two in the morning and two in the afternoon: 9:00 - Georgia
Green on Data Gathering and Analysis; 10:15 - coffee break; 10:45 - Gabrielle
Kasper on Research on Speech Acts; 12:00 - Lunch; 1:30 - Yamuna Kachru on Cross
Cultural Research; 2:45 - Ulla Conners on Pragmatic Research in Written English
4:00 - Panel Discussions (1st session); 5:30 - Dinner; 7:30 - Panel Discussion
(2nd Session).

Friday morning: 9:00 - Panel Discussions (3rd Session); and 11:00 - Panel Dis-
cussion (4th Session). Exactly how we organize the panels - how many to run at
one time, how many talks per session and how to organize the discussion of the
different presentations by panel members, etc., has been left to panel chairs
to some extent and decisions in that line will have to await the final proposal
from each chair as to how they want things to work. When we have those answers
we will send out the schedule that evolves to all those who are interested.

The final facet of the parasession will come on Friday night from 7:30 - 10:00
and will involve Bruce Fraser as keynote speaker on the topic of Pragmatic Re-
search - The State of the Art (or something like that). His talk will be fol-
lowed by 20 minute presentations by two commentators (Jerry Morgan and Pat Car-
rell) and then by discussion from the floor. There will be a break between the
plenary and the commentators in this case, so as to give people a chance to
flex their muscles, etc.

The conference itself will begin on Friday and runs like any other conference,
with sessions of 60-90 minutes built around papers on the same basic topic to
the extent that that is possible. How many parallel sessions there are depends
on the number of acceptable abstracts we get, but usually there will be 3 or 4.

Finally, there is one last plenary speaker on Saturday at 11:00, who will talk
on some facet of the general topic *Pragmatics and Language Learning* - with
the emphasis in this case falling on the latter term of the two.

The conference itself accepts papers related to the twin topics of pragmatics
and language learning in any way. We are particularly interested in papers in
the following areas of interest:

1. The contribution of pragmatics competence to overall language proficiency
2. Descriptions of specific facets of discourse in English or other languages
3. Contrastive pragmatics/discourse analysis
4. Developments in pragmatic research methodology
5. Integrating pragmatics into the language program

 ... and related topics.

The registration fee for the conference and the parasession (Mar. 31 - Apr. 2)
will be...

 Preregistration On Site Registration Daily
 Students $25 $30 $20 per day
 Others $50 $60 $10 per day

ABSTRACT DEADLINE: December 15, 1993
 Submission by email, FAX or regular mail equally acceptable.

If you have specific questions that this description does not answer, please
let me know.

Larry Bouton
Conference Coordinator
3070 FLB
707 South Mathews
Urbana, IL 61801

FAX (217) 244-3050
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