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Tue 23 Nov 1993

FYI: Graduate Traineeships: Cognitive Science at Arizona

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  1. Terry Langendoen, Graduate Research Traineeships: Cognitive Science at Arizona

Message 1: Graduate Research Traineeships: Cognitive Science at Arizona

Date: Wed, 17 Nov 93 13:21:58 MSGraduate Research Traineeships: Cognitive Science at Arizona
From: Terry Langendoen <LANGENDTARIZVM1.bitnet>
Subject: Graduate Research Traineeships: Cognitive Science at Arizona


DESCRIPTION. The Cognitive Science Program at The University of Arizona
has received an award from the National Science Foundation for the
support of five graduate trainees, beginning in August 1994. Each
trainee will receive a grounding in formal, computational, and
experimental approaches to language study, and will systematically bring
that training to bear on research problems that connect language to other
major classes of cognitive study such as human inference, object
recognition processes, spatial orientation and navigation, brain and
behavior relations and the development of cognitive systems. Each
trainee will be admitted as a Ph.D. student in one of three departments
that participate in the Cognitive Science Program: Linguistics,
Philosophy and Psychology. Each trainee's program will include a core
curriculum of specific course work in formal and computational models of
language structure and in language processing, as well as courses and
seminars in areas suited to the particular disciplinary major and
research interest of the trainee.

ELIGIBILITY. Applicants should have received a Bachelor's degree in an
area that would prepare them for graduate study in cognitive science by
August 1994. Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible for
traineeship appointments. We especially encourage application by
minority and handicapped students.

STIPEND. Each award carries a stipend of $14,000 for each year of study,
plus tuition and fees, up to five years, assuming continuation of the
grant by NSF. Funds will also be provided for the trainees' travel to
conferences and workshops.

APPLICATION FOR STUDY. Persons interested in applying to the University
of Arizona Cognitive Science traineeship program for fall 1994 should
contact the Graduate Admissions Officer of one of the participating
departments at The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721 (see below for
remainder of addresses, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses),
and mention interest in the traineeship program. The deadline for
completed applications for all three departments is FEBRUARY 1, 1994.

Dept of Linguistics, Douglass 200E; phone: (602) 621-6897;
 fax: 621-9424; e-mail:
Dept of Philosophy, Social Sciences 213; phone: (602) 621-3120;
 fax: 621-9559; e-mail:
Dept of Psychology, Psychology 312; phone: (602) 621-7447;
 fax: 621-9306; e-mail:

For more information about the traineeship program, you may contact:
Merrill Garrett, Director, Cognitive Science Program, Psychology 312,
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721; phone: (602) 621-2177; e-mail:

Diana Archangeli (PhD MIT), Assoc Prof, Linguistics: Phonology
Andrew Barss (PhD MIT), Asst Prof, Linguistics: Syntax, semantics
Paul Bloom (PhD MIT), Asst Prof, Psychology: Cognitive and linguistic
Kenneth Forster (PhD U Illinois), Prof, Psychology: Language
 comprehension; word recognition
Merrill Garrett (PhD U Illinois), Prof, Psychology: Language
 production, speech perception
Alvin Goldman (PhD Princeton U), Prof, Philosophy: Epistemology
Kerry Green (PhD Northeastern U), Asst Prof, Psychology: Speech
Michael Hammond (PhD UCLA), Assoc Prof, Linguistics: Phonology,
 morphology, psychophonology
Robert M. Harnish (PhD MIT), Prof, Philosophy: Pragmatics, philosophy
 of language
D. Terence Langendoen (PhD MIT), Prof, Linguistics: Syntax,
 computational linguistics
Lynn Nadel (PhD McGill U), Prof, Psychology: Behavioral neuroscience,
 memory systems
Janet Nicol (PhD MIT), Asst Prof, Psychology and Linguistics: Language
 comprehension, aphasia
Richard T. Oehrle (PhD MIT), Assoc Prof, Linguistics: Semantics,
Mary Peterson (PhD Columbia U), Assoc Prof, Psychology: Visual
John Pollock (PhD UC Berkeley), Prof, Philosophy: Reasoning,
 artificial intelligence
Susan Steele (PhD UC San Diego), Prof, Linguistics: Syntax, morphology
Cyma Van Petten (PhD UC San Diego), Asst Prof, Psychology: Cognitive
Karen Wynn (PhD MIT), Asst Prof, Psychology: Cognitive development
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