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Sun 18 Sep 1994


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Message 1: LINGUIST news

Date: Sun, 18 Sep 1994 18:35:43 LINGUIST news
From: The LINGUIST List <>
Subject: LINGUIST news

Some of you have noticed the new names in the
LINGUIST header, so we wanted to introduce the
winners of the LINGUIST fellowships, give you a
report on the LINGUIST Development Fund, and report
the current number and distribution of LINGUIST

The winners of the LINGUIST fellowships, whom you
are supporting through your contributions to the LINGUIST
Development Fund, are Anne Dizdar from Texas (Texas
A&M) and Ljuba Veselinova from Sofia via Stockholm
(Eastern Michigan U.) In addition, Liz Bodenmiller, in
the course of applying for the LINGUIST fellowship,
accidentally won an EMU English Dept. fellowship. And
the Dept. was generous enough to allow her to give half
of her time to LINGUIST. So Anne and Ljuba will each be
working 20 hours a week on LINGUIST, with Liz working 10
hours a week. That means that Ron Reck (who is giving
his time _gratis_) can move up to "policy level"
doing some much-needed programming and organizing
for us.

This year--for the first time in several breathless
years--we'll have enough hands on the keys to be able to
keep up with the mail AND implement some of the good
ideas you have been suggesting to us. We're very
pleased at the prospect, so you'll hear more about it in
a later message. But now let us introduce the new
LINGUIST editors, who will help to make the
organizational improvements possible.

 Ann Dizdar is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in English at
 Texas A&M University. She assists the department with
 its computer functions,i.e. networks and computer
 classrooms, using her work to inform her study of
 networked communities. Ann approaches linguistics
 through twentieth century rhetorical theory and
 discourse analysis.
 Ann C. Dizdar <>

 Ljuba Veselinova is a Ph. D. student at the Department
 of General Linguistics at the University of Stockholm.
 This year she is joining the M.A. program in English
 linguistics at EMU. She is mainly interested in historical
 linguistics and semantics.The main objective of her studies
 in computational linguistics is to get a deeper knowledge
 of the modern methods and tools of linguistic research.
 Ljuba Veselinova <>
 Elizabeth Bodenmiller received her B.A. in linguistics and
 German last spring from the U. of Michigan. She is interested
 in historical and comparative linguistics, with a focus on
 Germanic languages. She is currently studying in the M.A.
 program in English linguistics and EMU; and her immediate
 goals are to broaden her linguistic interests and to master
 Elizabeth Bodenmiller <>

Ljuba speaks several languages (English, French, Bulgarian, Russian,
and Swedish) and Liz is fluent in Norwegian as well as English. So
our international subscribers can write to them in one of these
languages if they wish. LINGUIST postings will usually still be
in English; but we're hoping that our new staff will help us keep
in mind that LINGUIST serves more than native English-speakers.
In fact, LINGUIST now has 5165 subscribers from 55 countries; a list of
the countries and number of subscribers is appended at the end of
this message.

But first we would like to post a another list: all the
contributors to the LINGUIST Development Fund, who have made Ann's
and Ljuba's support possible. In the past 2 years we collected
$11,000 in subscriber donations. Now, after awarding 2 $4000
fellowships, we are down to $3000. If we are to keep Ann and
Ljuba next year, we'll have to collect $5000 from you this year, so
I'm afraid we'll be posting those calls for money once again.
However, as we have definitely found out, linguists are a generous
bunch of people; so we expect to make our $5000 goal.

After we sent out the last message explaining our editorial
situation in detail, we received over $2000. We would
like especially to thank those of you who instituted
department contributions, whether by arm-twisting the keeper of
the budget or by passing the hat in the faculty lounge. Stan Dubinsky--
who organized the S. Carolina contribution--has offered to send
a copy of his memo to anyone who wants it. So here is Stan's
address (with our thanks to Stan for multiplying his help in this way):

Several of you also solicited matching funds from your companies
and suggested that we pass along this fund-raising idea. We hereby
pass it on, with our thanks.

And we would like to add a special thanks for the contributions
from outside the USA. Despite the bureaucratic hassles involved
in getting bank drafts in US funds, a number of subscribers and
departments abroad sent us generous contributions. Some of you
asked if you could contribute via credit card; but unfortunately
EMU won't cooperate with that scheme. However, the EMU cashier
will change foreign currency. So, in future, the easiest thing
might be simply to put currency in an envelope and send it to us.

Please send your contributions to:

The EMU LINGUIST Development Fund
c/o The Dept of English Language and Literature
Eastern Michigan U.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Contributions of any size are very much appreciated. And we extend
our heartiest thanks to the 1994 contributors listed below.

-Helen & Anthony

Helen Dry and Anthony Aristar
Moderators, LINGUIST


1994 Contributors:

Barbara Abbott
Stanley Allen
Anonymous (3)
Raimo Antilla
Mark Aronoff
Maher Awad
R. Chandler
Alan Cienki
Linda Coleman
Donna Cromer
E. Dean Detrich
Ursula Doleschal
Stanley Dubinsky
Shiela Embleton
Julia Falk
Suzanne Fleischman
Michael Flynn
Pete Gingiss
Frank Gladney
Sam Glucksberg
Kathryn Harris
Barbara Herrarte
Alice Horning
Frances Ingemann
Brian Joseph
Mark Kas
Scott Kiesling
Judith Klavans
Penny Lee
Judith Levi
Edith A. Moravcsik
Carol Neidle
Tomomi Okazaki
Claudia Parodi
Barbara Pearson
Terry Potter
Susan Pintzuk
Yael Ravin
Larry Rosenwald
Catherine Rudin
Carol Myers Scotton
Beth Simon
Chad Thompson
Shigeru Tsuchida
Gregory Ward
Douglas Whalen
Eiji Yamada
Shuichi Yatabe
The U. of Laval Linguistics Dept. (via Claude LeFlem)

$50 or over

Garland Bills
E. Wayles Browne
Mary Dalrymple
Willem de Reuse
Ted Gibson
James Harris
Karen Jensen (w/matching funds from MICROSOFT)
Diane Peterson (w/matching funds from MICROSOFT)
Joe Salmons & Monica Macaulay
Claude Steinberg
U. of Copenhagen Institute of General and Applied Linguistics

$100 or over

Vicki Fromkin
Arnold Zwicky
Michigan State U. Linguistics Dept.
Faculty and students of the U. of South Carolina Ling. Dept.
Academica Sinica Institute of History and Philology
THE MIT PRESS (Book Dept.)
MIT PRESS JOURNALS DEPT. (_Linguistic Inquiry_)
MIT Working Papers in Linguistics

Support Pledged: MOUTON De GRUYTER

Below is the list of current linguist subscriptions by country,
since some of you have told us that your find this information

* Belgium 35
* Botswana 1
* Brazil 27
* Bulgaria 4
* Canada 289
* Chile 1
* Croatia 2
* Cuba 1
* Czech Republic 8
* Denmark 33
* Ecuador 1
* Egypt 3
* Estonia 4
* Finland 90
* France 57
* Germany 270
* Great Britain 340
* Greece 11
* Hongkong 31
* Hungary 20
* Iceland 5
* India 2
* Iran 1
* Ireland 22
* Israel 33
* Italy 25
* Japan 135
* Korea 9
* Malaysia 6
* Mexico 8
* Netherlands 273
* New Zealand 21
* Norway 74
* Poland 17
* Portugal 11
* Saudi-Arabia 2
* Singapore 24
* Slovakia 1
* South Africa 30
* Soviet Union 3
* Spain 72
* Sweden 62
* Switzerland 31
* Taiwan 53
* Thailand 12
* Tunisia 1
* Turkey 9
* USA 2791
* Zimbabwe 1
* ??? 28
* Total number of users subscribed to the list: 5165 (non-"concealed" only)
* Total number of countries represented: 55 (non-"concealed" only)
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