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Mon 19 Sep 1994

FYI: Announcement regarding gramglos

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Message 1: Re: Your LINGUIST submission

Date: Fri, 16 Sep 1994 01:43 EDTRe: Your LINGUIST submission
Subject: Re: Your LINGUIST submission

The original uuencoded version of gramglos.uue had a number of bugs that made
it imcompatible with the mailer used by the linguist archive. It has been
recompressed using .zip rather than .arc compression and with the correct file
name in the uuencoded version. I have sent linguist-l two uuencoded versions
of the program, one or both of which may be placed on the listserv archive for
linguist. The first is called gramglos-x.uue, the uuencoded self-extracting
.zip version. The second is gramglos-z.uue, the uuencoded .zip file. both
result in the same set of files when decoded and unzipped. One or the other of
these should replace the older gramglos.uue file on the listserv, which is the
one that does not decompress properly.

 Another way to obtain the file is via ftp. At your system prompt, type
the following to get the binary version of the zip file,, which
does not need to be uudecoded:
 cd linguistics/software/dos
-- To refresh your memories, gramglos is a dos-based hypertext glossary of
generative grammar terms and concepts covering roughly the period from the
introduction of government binding theory to the minimalist approach.
--After downloading the .zip file to your pc (don't forget to set everything
to binary), unzip the file in an empty directory. After that, simply type
Hygen to get into the glossary. It is simple to navigate, and instructions
are available on the first screen. It is also set up to make the addition of
user comments a simple matter.
--I hope the faulty versions of the file did not cause anyone too much
inconvenience. I would welcome any comments and suggestions as to the content.
 Richard Rath
 Brandeis University
 Dpt of History
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