LINGUIST List 5.1059

Fri 30 Sep 1994

FYI: Recherches linguistiques de Vincennes, Optimality archive

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  1. Bert Peeters, 5.1051 TOC: Recherches linguistiques de Vincennes
  2. Alan Prince, Optimality Archive

Message 1: 5.1051 TOC: Recherches linguistiques de Vincennes

Date: Thu, 29 Sep 1994 10:05:04 5.1051 TOC: Recherches linguistiques de Vincennes
From: Bert Peeters <>
Subject: 5.1051 TOC: Recherches linguistiques de Vincennes

>Revue Linguistique de Vincennes Vol. 22 (180 pp) has just appeared.
> "Syntaxe des languages africaines"

For those of us who are not in the US and would therefore order this in from
France, and even for those of us who would write to Christiane Fellbaum, it
must be pointed out that we are talking about the

 VOL. 23 (not 22)
 "Syntaxe des LANGUES africaines"
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Message 2: Optimality Archive

Date: Fri, 30 Sep 94 09:26:35 EDOptimality Archive
From: Alan Prince <>
Subject: Optimality Archive

 :::Rutgers Optimality Archive:::

The Rutgers Optimality Archive (ROA) exists to facilitate
dissemination of work in OT. Papers in the Archive are unedited,
unreviewed, unhouseled, unanneled, unimprimatured, unsolicited,
self-selected. The Archive is open to any and all who want to
disseminate their work in, on, or about OT.

Archiving is not a form of publication. By universal convention,
electronic archiving is completely independent of publication, future
or prior. It is the moral equivalent of mailing out a typescript,
pre-print, or off-print.

Files may be retrieved from the archive via anonymous ftp to (on which, see below), or via the World Wide Web
address (follow the link under the entry for
the Optimality Archive). Current contents of the Archive include 26
papers, an extensive bibliography of OT work, and various
informational files. Archive contents are detailed in the file README
which resides there.

TO POST your work in the Archive, use anonymous ftp to upload your
paper into the directory /pub/UPLOADS on Then send
me <> an e-message giving the TITLE of your
piece, its LENGTH in pp., and the FORMAT details (e.g WP6.0, WORD4.3,
postscript, ASCII text, whatever). I will take it from there. Feel
free to contact me about any problems.

FORMAT. All formats are accepted. I strongly urge supplying at least a
postscript version. WORD users should also post their text in the form
of an RTF file, which can be read on MACs, PCs, and by other word
processors of recent vintage. The latest versions of WP also allow you
to create RTF files. Be sure to use binary transfer for files in WP or
WORD format.
 Note: postscript files can be easily produced from WORD and WP
by (1) declaring a postscript printer (e.g. Apple LaserWriter), and
(2) printing to a disk file instead of to a printer; this file can
then be sent to the archive. Recommendation: use a font that is native
to the declared printer to avoid swelling the file to huge dimensions.
 EUROPEANS: We suggest you do NOT format your documents for A-4
paper, which is longer than the US standard and may cause problems for
printers looking for shorter forms. US paper is ll" = 27.94 cm long.

FTP. Unsure of FTP? The basics can be garnered from the file in the directory /pub/OT/TEXTS on
 To get that file by FTP starting out from your own local
account, follow this sequence of instructions.
At your local account, type
At the request for a login Name type
At the request for a password: type your email address. (NB. me= your login name; etc., etc.)
Then type:
 cd /pub/OT/TEXTS
This will transfer the file to your machine, where you
may read it at your leisure.

-Alan Prince
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