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Sat 01 Oct 1994

FYI: OUTIL, On-line papers

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  1. Arnold Zwicky, OUTIL announcement
  2. "Mr A.P. Berber Sardinha", New DIRECT Papers by ftp

Message 1: OUTIL announcement

Date: Sun, 25 Sep 94 10:02:58 EDT
From: Arnold Zwicky <>
Subject: OUTIL announcement
OUTIL (Out in Linguistics)
this mailing list is open to lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, dyke,
 homosexual, etc. linguists and their friends. the only requirement is
 that participants be willing to be out to everyone on the list as
 lgb(-friendly); everyone on the list periodically gets a copy of the
 file with everyone's real names and e-mail addresses.
postings to the list have concerned language/linguistics and sexuality,
 issues touching on the professional and personal lives of
 lgb linguists, and arrangements for gatherings at conferences.
the mailing list is "closed", which means that new subscribers must be
 approved by the list manager (arnold zwicky), but it is not
 moderated, which means that the manager doesn't filter the messages.
there is a special sublist for linguists who don't want to get
 messages posted to the whole list but would like to have their names
 and addresses made available to other outilists (who might want,
 for example, to send them personal e-mail).
to get onto the mailer, you can mail the the following message to
 subscribe outil
or you can deal directly with a human being by mailing to one
 (*only one*) of the following addresses:
(to get on the special sublist, you must use the latter method,
 and tell the list-elf that you don't want to get the general postings.)
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Message 2: New DIRECT Papers by ftp

Date: Thu, 29 Sep 1994 12:30:02 +0100 (BST)
From: "Mr A.P. Berber Sardinha" <>
Subject: New DIRECT Papers by ftp
 DIRECT Papers
The following titles are now available electronically:
Working Paper 13: Modal profiling in oral presentations
Working Paper 16: Bonding and topic anticipation
In order to obtain these papers, ftp to, then cd pub/linguistics
or in WWW open URL and click on 'Information
Services', then on 'ftp archive', and then on 'linguistics'.
If you prefer bound paper copies, download an order
form from the addresses above (file or
order.txt). Papers from our collection can be sent by email
as well. Further information, doubts, etc please
email, we will be glad to help you.
Tony Berber Sardinha |
AELSU | Fax 44-51-794-2739
University of Liverpool |
PO Box 147 |
Liverpool L69 3BX |
UK |
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