LINGUIST List 5.109

Tue 01 Feb 1994

FYI: Basque-origin hypothesis, SCHOLAR Release CZ

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  1. Anne T Gilman, Basque-origin hypothesis
  2. Joseph Raben, Announcement of SCHOLAR Release CZ

Message 1: Basque-origin hypothesis

Date: Fri, 28 Jan 1994 16:29:29 -0700
From: Anne T Gilman <>
Subject: Basque-origin hypothesis
I was asked to post this by a colleague who does not have e-mail:
Short, informal paper available to interested parties
suggesting common origins of Basque and Slavic languages
based on lexical "items in the material culture of hunters
and gatherers."
Petr Jandacek
127 La Senda
White Rock, NM 87544
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Message 2: Announcement of SCHOLAR Release CZ

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 94 17:14:31 EST
From: Joseph Raben <JQRQCCUNYVM.bitnet>
Subject: Announcement of SCHOLAR Release CZ
ladimir Kashitsin <>,
 Greg Cole <>
 P L E A S E P O S T
The next release of SCHOLAR will contain the following
items. If you are not already subscribed, send a message
to <> as follows: sub scholar
Your Name . You will receive a table of contents from
which you can select any or all items for downloading.
This release will contain the following items:
A summary of _Computational Morphology_ by Graeme
 Ritchie et al.
A summary of _Core Langaue Engine, ed. Huyan Alshawi.
A summary of _Philsophy and AI_ by Robert Cummings and
 John Pollock
A summary of _Informatique et Litterature (1950-1990)_
 by Alain Vuillemin
A summary of _Journalims for the 21st Century_ by Tom
A summary of _Manual to the ... Helsinki Corpus.
A summary of _The Textual Condition_ by Jerome McGann
A summary of _A Natural Language and Graphics Inter-
 face_ ed G.G. Bes and T. Guillotin
A summary of _Interfaces for Information Retrieval and
 Online Systems_ by Martin Dillon
A summary of _Translation and Translating: Theory and
 Practice_ by Roger T. Bell
A summary of _Computer Processing of Natural Language_
 by Gilbert K. Krulee
A summary of _A TACT Examplar_ ed. T. Russon Woolridge
A summary of _Research in Humanities Computing_ ed. Ian
Abstracts of items from _Apple Users Group Library_
Contents pages and abstracts from _EJournal_
Contents pages and abstracts from _Computational Intel-
 ligence_, 9:1, 9:2, 9:3
A notice of the Prentice Hall Catalog Service
A notice of the IMB Jena Gopher
A notice of the Corpus-Based Frequency Count of Modern
A notice of the Six-Year Index to _Poetry_ Magazine
A notice of the Spectrum Press Catalog - September 1993
A notice of the HCRC Map Task Corpus
A notice of the CINFOLINK Directory for China
A notice of the RuCCS Technical Reports, December 1993
A notice of the TEI P2 New Fascicles Now Available
A notice of recent awards by the NSF for NLP
A notice of the Institut des Textes et Manuscrits
A notice of the Thesaurus Construction Program
A notice of the Multilingual X11R5 binary installation
 package 3.0
A notice of phonetic fonts
A notice of unification software
A notice of NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh
A notice of WAIS for Windows (WinWAIS) Version 2.2
A notice of the New WAIS Picture Browser for the Macintosh
A notice of bibliographic software
A notice of LEXA: Corpus Processing Software
A notice of Dasher 1.0 for the Macintosh.
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