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Tue 01 Feb 1994

Qs: Textbook, Computational model, Machine translation

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  1. David Silva, Readings in Language Study
  2. Alison Henry, Computer models of parameter setting
  3. , English-Spanish machine translation programs

Message 1: Readings in Language Study

Date: Fri, 28 Jan 94 14:25:01 CSReadings in Language Study
From: David Silva <>
Subject: Readings in Language Study

This fall I will be teaching an undergraduate course on human language and am
in search of an appropriate textbook and/or reader.

What I have in mind is _not_ an introduction to linguistics per se, but rather
a course that deals with language issues in the context of other disciplines:
gender studies, education, technology, sociology, anthropology, politics. I
don't want to use a standard introductory lingusitics text (such as Fromkin &
Rodman or O'Grady, Dobrovolsky & Arronoff, etc.) that focuses on or begins
with formal notions of lingustic analysis. Rather, I'd like to locate a
collection of materials that is accessible to readers without any real
background in linguistics. It's likely that I'll be using Trudgill's
_Sociolinguistics_ text for part of the course; I would still need readings on
topics that aren't covered there.

When I've taught courses like this in the past (about 3 years
ago), I created my own (illegal) reading packets for the students. I don't
want to do this again, though, and so was thinking about putting
together _legal_ reading packets when I thought that I should find out FIRST
if what I'm looking for (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) already exists.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I will post a summary if there is interest.

--David Silva (
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Message 2: Computer models of parameter setting

Date: Mon, 31 Jan 94 11:57 BST
From: Alison Henry <>
Subject: Computer models of parameter setting

Is anyone working on, or can anyone suggest references on, computational
models of parameter setting in language acquisition?
Alison Henry
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Message 3: English-Spanish machine translation programs

Date: Mon, 24 Jan 1994 08:56:04 English-Spanish machine translation programs
From: <>
Subject: English-Spanish machine translation programs

I would appreciate any feedback of information
that you could give me on any of the following
programs (or others of which you might be aware)
that are "capable" of translating between
English and Spanish:

Westcliff Software
343 Soquel #207
Santa Cruez CA 95062

Gobalink Basic Power Translator
Gobalink Professional Translator
Gobalink Inc
9302 Lee Hwy. 12 floor
Fairfax VZ 22031

Spanish Assistant 5.0
MicroTac Software
4655 Cass St. Suite 214
San Diego CA 92109

Translate V.1.1
Bilingual Corp
PO Box 292700
Davey FL 33329

We are looking for a translator that will be useful
to translate a questionnaire that is being used
for research purposes in the area of alcoholism and
drug addiction from English to Spanish - where the Spanish
is that of Hispanic Americans.
Please respond to the address below since I am not
a regular subscriber to your list.

Thank you
Barbara Sherman
Computer Manager
Research Institute on Addictions
1021 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14203
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