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Mon 17 Oct 1994

FYI: Sudan Languages

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  1. "Dr R.M. Blench", Sudan languages

Message 1: Sudan languages

Date: Fri, 14 Oct 1994 18:02:12 Sudan languages
From: "Dr R.M. Blench" <>
Subject: Sudan languages

Threatened Languages of Sudan

We are looking for linguists who would like a chance to something
practical as well as purely theoretical on African languages. The minority
languages of the North, especially those of Kordofan and Darfur are
threatened by turmoil of various types. They are, however, represented by
articulate and well-organised communities in Khartoum. These communities
have form associations to attempt to develop orthographies and preserve
the languages through the preparation of dictionaries, grammars and
literacy materials. The advantage of working with these committees is that
their members are highly motivated.

There is no point in doing this if you are simply looking to test some
theoretical model. If, however, you would like to collect some rich data
and also be of some use to communities under threat through no fault of
their own. There is also no point if you do not have some experience of
working under difficult conditions. Sudan is hot, even by African standards.
If this is of interest, then please email me and I will put you in touch
with people who could organise links with these committees and help with

Roger Blench
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