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Thu 03 Feb 1994

Calls: Latin, Linguistics by the end of the 20th Century

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  1. , Eighth International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics
  2. Institute of Linguistics, Call for papers

Message 1: Eighth International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics

Date: Thu, 3 Feb 1994 11:13:32 +Eighth International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics
From: <>
Subject: Eighth International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics

 EICHSTATT/ BAVARIA, April 24 - 28, 1995

First circular January 1994

The Eighth International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics will be held
in Eichstatt, Bavaria from Monday, 24 April to Friday, 28 April 1995.

The Colloquium is organized by the Departments of Classics and
Historical Linguistics of the Catholic University of Eichstatt
on behalf of the International Committee of Latin Linguistics (A.M.
Bolkestein, Amsterdam; G. Calboli, Bologna; B. Garcia-Hernandez,
Madrid; F. Heberlein, Eichstatt; J. Herman, Venezia; M. Lavency,
Louvain-la-Neuve; Chr. Touratier, Aix-en-Provence), and will take place
on the campus of the University of Eichstatt under the auspices of the
 As usual, the Colloquium will be open to all scholars interested in
the interaction between Latin linguistics and philology. As in the
previous Colloquia no special theme has been fixed; on the contrary,
all thematic and methodological aspects of Latin linguistics may be
dealt with. Considering the number of papers to be expected, papers
should not exceed the length of 20-25 minutes. Participants who wish to
read a paper are requested to state topics on the registration form
enclosed with this circular. In the second circular they will be
requested to submit camera-ready abstracts (not later than 15 October
1994) and they will be informed of acceptance ot their topics after
examination of the proposals by the International Committee by December
1994. Papers may be presented in any language that can be expected to
be understood by a sufficient number of participants.
 A certain number of papers will be published in the Proceedings of
the Colloquium. The decision on the selection will be taken by the
International Committee. The participation fee of about DM 100 (more
detailed information will be given in the second circular) will cover,
inter alia, the cost of a half-day trip.
 Further details and practical information will be provided in the
second circular, which will be sent to all those who have returned the
preregistration form enclosed with this circular by March 31.

 EICHSTATT, April 24 - 28, 1995

___________ ________________ _________ ________________________
 Title First name Initial Surname (in capitals)

Affiliation ___________________________________________________________

Mailing address ________________________________________________________


Telephone________________ Telefax______________________

E-mail______________________ __________________________________________

I wish to present a lecture: Yes / No

Provisional title: ______________________________________________________


I wish to organize a round table or workshop (state which): Yes / No

on (subject):_____________________________________________________________


Mail to: Dr. Friedrich Heberlein
 Departement of Classics
 Katholische Universitat
 Universitatsallee 1
 D-85071 Eichstatt
 Fax: +49/8421/89912 (indicate: "For F. Heberlein")
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Message 2: Call for papers

Date: Tue, 1 Jan 80 04:53:44 +0Call for papers
From: Institute of Linguistics <>
Subject: Call for papers



 Call for papers (First Circular)

 Moscow Lomonosov State University, Moscow, Russia
 31 January - 3 February, 1995


 It is planned to open a discussion on the variety of subjects,
among them:

1. World Linguistics in the late 20th Century: a Retrospective View.
 1.1. Continuity and linguistic tradition versus changes of
scientific paradigms. Linguistic thinking (in Russia and all over
the world): different trends and schools.
 1.2. Main ideas that revolutionized linguistic theory and
practice in 20th century, including but not limited to:

 - structuralism,
 - generative transformational grammar,
 - functionalism,
 - formalization in linguistics,

 1.3. Major achievements in various spheres of linguistics, as, for
example, in:

 - general theory of language (e.g., grammar and
 lexicon, levels of language, linguistic units,
 linguistic rules, etc.),
 - descriptive linguistics (e.g., Romance
 linguistics, Amerindian linguistics, Russian
 linguistics, etc.; linguistic description of
 endangered languages),
 - comparative linguistics (Indo-European and Non-
 Indo-European, Nostratic, etc.),
 - typology,
 - psycholinguistics,
 - sociolinguistics,
 - computational linguistics,

2. "Burning Issues" in Modern Linguistics
 The most topical questions on the linguistic agenda, that may
considerably affect further progress in the linguistic science, for
example (but not limited to):

 - a cognitive approach to the study of language,
 - discourse analysis,
 - discreteness VS non-discreteness in language,
 - taxonomy VS explanation in linguistics,
 - linguistic levels, their boundaries and interaction,
 - interaction of synchrony and diachrony,
 - computer and linguistics,
 - linguistics among other disciplines,

3. Perspectives for Linguistic Theory (Preliminary forecast for the
21st century)
 This topic can be discussed in a form of Round Table talks or

 Vladimir Alpatov (Moscow, Russia)
 Jurij Apresjan (Moscow, Russia)
 Nina Arutjunova (Moscow, Russia)
 Sylvain Auroux (Paris, France)
 Pier Marco Bertinetto (Pisa, Italy)
 Tat'jana Bulygina (Moscow, Russia)
 Bernard Comrie (Los Angeles, USA)
 Greville Corbett (Surrey, Great Britain)
 Vladimir Gak (Moscow, Russia)
 Dirk Geeraerts (Leuven, Belgium)
 Talmy Givon (Eugene, USA)
 Maurice Gross (Paris, France)
 Morris Halle (Cambridge, USA)
 Georgij Klimov (Moscow, Russia)
 Elena Kubrjakova (Moscow, Russia)
 Igor Mel'chuk (Montreal, Canada)
 Frederick Newmeyer (Washington, USA)
 Johanna Nichols (Berkeley, USA)
 David Pesetsky (Cambridge, USA)
 Patrick Seriot (Losanna, Switzerland)
 Jurij Stepanov (Moscow, Russia)
 Robert Van Valin (Buffalo, USA)
 Victor Xrakovskij (St.Petersburg, Russia)


 The authors should send by mail, fax or E-mail abstracts of their
papers (in case of hardcopy 2 copies) about 800 words long to the
Organizing Committee at the following address:

 LINGUISTICS-XX Organizing Commitee
 Philological Faculty, room 953
 1 Humanities Bldg.
 Moscow Lomonosov State University (MGU)
 119899, Moscow, Russia
 Phone +7-095-939-32-77, +7-095-939-26-01
 FAX: +7-095-939-55-96, +7-095-939-56-02

 Please indicate in your submission the general characterization
of your paper according to the above rubrication (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2, 3).
 The Organizing Committee invites proposals for symposia held in
conjunction with the conference. Please send your proposals by
April 4, 1994.


 The deadline for submission is April 4, 1994. Decisions about
acceptance will be taken before May 20, 1994. Camera-ready copies of
the final paper abstracts must be postmarked before July 20, 1994 and
received by August 20, 1994. Papers not received by the due date
will not be included in the conference proceedings, which will be
published in time for distribution to everyone attending the
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