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  1. , Linguistics Association of GB - Salford - 5-7 April 1994

Message 1: Linguistics Association of GB - Salford - 5-7 April 1994

Date: 4 Feb 94 14:17
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Subject: Linguistics Association of GB - Salford - 5-7 April 1994


Spring Meeting

SALFORD, England

5-7 April 1994

The 1994 spring meeting of the LAGB will be hosted by the European Studies
Research Institute and Department of Modern Languages of the University of


Tuesday 5 April 1994:

1.00 LUNCH

TEACH-IN: Lexical Semantics
2.00 Alan Cruse (Manchester): Introduction
2.15 Ray Jackendoff (Brandeis): Overview of conceptual semantics
3.15 Sue Atkins (Oxford University Press): Telling it like it is:
 a frame semantics approach to lexicographic description
4.10 TEA
4.40 Antonio Sanfilippo (Sharp Laboratories, Oxford): Lexical ambiguity
 and word knowledge representation
5.35 Alan Cruse & Pagona Togia (Manchester): A cognitive model of antonymy


7.45 Linguistics Association 1994 Lecture
 Ray Jackendoff (Brandeis): Lexical insertion in a post-minimalist
 grammatical theory

Wednesday 6 April 1994:

Session A
9.00 Marjolein Groefsema (Hertfordshire): On BENTER and SUCCEIVE: a new
 perspective on verb-argument structure
9.40 Evelyne Viegas (Brandeis): Semantic polysemy: linguistic and
 cognitive aspects
10.20 Martha Robinson (Edinburgh): Event structure and complex argument
 structures in Spanish

Session B
9.00 David Adger (York): Reconstruction, economy and indefiniteness
9.40 Dimitra Kolliakou (Edinburgh): Specifiers in Modern Greek NPs: an
 HPSG account
10.20 Joost Zwarts (Utrecht): Pronouns and N-to-D movement

Session C
9.00 Liliana Sanchez (Southern California): Climbing up the tree: from
 predicative to modal adjectives
9.40 A Capone (Oxford): Scalar modality and linguistics typology
10.20 Raphael Salkie (Brighton): Two types of epistemic modality

11.00 COFFEE

Session A
11.30 Gerrit Rentier (Tilburg): A lexicalist approach to Dutch cross serial
12.10 Pete Whitelock (Sharp Laboratories, Oxford): Marked dependents select
 their heads

Session B
11.30 Gillian Ramchand (Oxford): Aspect and negation in Bengali
12.10 Claudia Felser (Goettingen & Essex): Perception verbs as control

Session C
11.30 Danny Soloman & Mary McGee Wood (Manchester): Learning a categorial
12.10 Norman Fraser (Vocalis, Cambridge): Machina loquens

1.00 LUNCH

Session A
2.00 Josep Quer (Utrecht): Distinguishing between negative and non-
 negative licencing of negative items
2.40 K Nagita (Edinburgh): Functional projections and deverbal nominals in
3.20 Marc van Oostendorp (Tilburg): The syllabification of prefixes and

Session B
2.00 Bob Borsley (Bangor): Soft mutation isn't hard
2.40 Maggie Tallerman (Durham): Case assignment in Welsh infinitival
3.20 Maire Noonan (Dublin): VP-internal and VP-external AGRoP: evidence
 from Irish

Session C
2.00 Victor Poznanski (Sharp Laboratories, Oxford): The relevance of
2.40 Billy Clark & Vlad Zegarac (Middlesex): Social aspects of verbal
 communication: reinterpreting phatic utterances
3.20 John Clibbens & Kenny Coventry (Plymouth): Sign language development
 and spatial representation

4.00 TEA

4.30 LAGB Business Meeting

Session A
5.00 Max Wheeler (Sussex) & Nicolau Dols (Mallorca): Onset licensing and
 Majorcan word-final consonants
5.40 Stamatia Pagoni-Tetlow (UCL): The syllabic structure of the Modern
 Greek pt and kt sequences: a government phonology approach

Session B
5.00 Elly van Gelderen (Groningen): Functional categories and expletives
5.40 Eithne Guilfoyle (Calgary): VPs and VNPs in Old English

Session C
5.00 Harry van der Hulst (Leiden): Head-dependent relations in the
 phonological representation of signs
5.40 Wendy Sandler (Haifa): Establishing criteria for major phonological
 categories: the case for movements in sign languages


 Bencie Woll (Bristol): Introduction
 Mary Brennan (Durham): Fingers on the trigger: motivating word-
 formation in British Sign Language
 Irene Greftegreff (Trondheim): The temporal segmentation of sign
 language signs

Thursday 7 April 1994

Session A
9.00 John Local (York) & Ken Lodge (UEA): [ATR]: advanced tongue root or
 another travesty of representation? An investigation of Kalenjin
9.40 Michael Mazzola (Illinois): Prosodic constituency and intonation
10.20 Mariko Kondo (Edinburgh): The durational compensation of segments
 within a mora in Japanese

Session B
9.00 Andrew Hippisley (Surrey): Default inheritance and word formation:
 DATR approaches to English and Russian derivational morphology
9.40 Dunstan Brown (Surrey): Getting your priorities right: a network
 morphology approach to morphological stress
10.20 Susan Steele (Arizona): A theory of morphological information

Session C
9.00 Annabel Cormack & Neil Smith (UCL): Serial verbs
9.40 Anjum Saleemi (Singapore): On the acquisition of a split ergative
10.20 Robin Fawcett (Cardiff): Some recent developments in systemic
 functional grammar

11.00 COFFEE

11.30 Jacques Durand (Salford): On phonological primes: elements and other
 kinds of unary objects
12.10 Andrew Spencer (Essex): Optimality theory

1.00 LUNCH

2.00 Francis Katamba (Lancaster): Moraic theory and optimisation of
 preferred syllable structure
2.40 Noel Burton-Roberts & Philip Carr (Newcastle): The phonetics/
 phonology interface

3.30 TEA
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