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Books: Syntax, Semantics, Phonology, Slavic ling

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C. S. Rhys, D. Adger and A. von Klopp (eds), Functional Categories,
Argument Structure and Parametric Variation. Price 7.75 (pounds
sterling); 179pp. Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh.
Working Papers in Cognitive Science, Vol 9. Available from Inhouse
Publications Secretary, Centre for Cognitive Science, 2 Buccleuch Place,
Edinburgh, EH8 9LW (email:
How is argument structure projected into the syntax, and how does it
interact specifically with information contributed by functional heads?
The papers in this volume address these questions within a broadly
GB-based framework cross-linguistically covering empirical issues such as
auxiliaries, nominalisations, case-patternings, coordination, temporal
interpretation and binding.The papers tend to converge towards a
recognition of the non-ambiguity of lexemes and of the rich structure of
their internal specification.
IHP Postal Charges are: UK 1.50, World Surface 2.50 World Airmail
5.50 (all figures pound sterling).
Harvey, Mandy, and Lynn Santelmann (eds.), PROCEEDINGS FROM SEMANTICS
 AND LINGUISTIC THEORY IV 1994 299pp. paperbound
 cost: $18.00 students, $20.00 non-students (prepaid)
For further information on the contents of this and other DMLL Publications
and how to order, please contact DMLL Publications at
Harris, John (University College London); English Sound Structure;
1994; 336 pp; Blackwell; hb 0-631-18261-6; pb
0-631-18741-3. Inspection copy requests: (USA);
The book is as much about phonological theory as about the phonology
of English. It is designed as a text for use on intermediate and
advanced courses but will be of value to anyone interested in recent
theoretical developments in the field. Drawing on material from a wide
range of dialects, the book explores the view that phonological
differences between grammars are constrained by universal principles
and occur within fixed bounds defined by a small number of
parameters. Phenomena discussed include vowel length, syllabic
structure, consonantal weakening, and vowel reduction and syncope.
Linguistics; in Russian), ed. by Yuri Karaulov (Moscow) and Arto
Mustajoki (Helsinki). 1994. 330 pp. Hard-covered. Distributor
Libri Academici, fax (+358)-0-13114332. FIM 250 (approx. $50) +
S/H. ISBN 952-90-5536-6. More information about the book and the
possibility of using a credit card:
 First attempt to collect information on specialists in
 Russian linguistics from all over the world. Contains
 entries on more than 650 linguists specialising in Russian,
 among them such famous scholars as Adamec, Apresyan,
 Arutyunova, Chvany, Corbett, Zolotova.
 If you are not included in the first edition of the book
 and you would like to be mentioned in the second edition,
 please send your e-mail address or fax to Arto Mustajoki
 (, who will contact you later.
You can avoid shipping costs by using VISA, MasterCard or
Eurocard. Give your name and address and card number (+ expiry
date of your card) by e-mail:
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