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Sun 04 Dec 1994

FYI: Int'l Directory of South Asia Scholars

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  1. David Magier, Int'l Directory of Scholars

Message 1: Int'l Directory of Scholars

Date: Wed, 30 Nov 94 6:42:37 ESTInt'l Directory of Scholars
From: David Magier <>
Subject: Int'l Directory of Scholars

I am writing to inform you about The International Directory of South
Asia Scholars, and to invite those of you working on South Asian
your colleagues in linguistics or in other disciplines can find you. I
am attaching below a file which describes this free online global
database of scholars, as well as a form for you to submit your own
entries (hopefully by email). Please do not hesitate to contact me if
you have questions or comments about the Directory or about The South
Asia Gopher through which it is published online. Thank you.

David Magier
Columbia University


The International Directory of South Asia Scholars is a free, publicly
available online database of South Asianists from around the world. This
service is being provided by Columbia University through The South Asia
Gopher, and is compiled and maintained by Dr. David Magier.

The database contains records of individuals who have identified
themselves as being involved in South Asian studies. Each record,
submitted by the person listed, contains the name, title, affiliation,
contact information (generally mail address, phones, FAX, and full email
address), and a short statement of the person's activities, teaching
and/or research interests, specializations, etc. in the area of South
Asian Studies. The entries are free-form text, and one may include any
information in any format that seems useful and informative. The database
is indexed so that anyone can do a search to locate the record for a
particular individual, or one can do a keyword search to find, for
example, a list of all the South Asianists located in a given country or
city, or all the scholars who are working on a given language or subject
or region, etc. For example, a keyword search using the terms "Prakrit"
or "Punjabi" will retrieve a listing of all the scholars whose entries
contain these words.

It is very easy to have your entry included in this database, so that
your colleagues from around the world will know who you are and what you
are working on and interested in. Experience shows that this type of tool
is very helpful in developing new human networks and cooperative research
and teaching ventures, getting answers to particular factual queries, and
fostering the 'cross-fertilization' of ideas. We would like to invite you
to submit an entry so that our database will be as comprehensive and
useful as possible.

To submit an entry for yourself (or for someone else), please fill out
the form below and return it BY EMAIL to
or by post to

Dr. David Magier
South Asia Librarian
304 International Affairs
Columbia University
420 West 118th Street
New York, N.Y. 10027
212-854-8046 / FAX: 212-854-2495

Your description of your work and research or teaching interests should
contain as much information as possible to allow people to identify you
and your work, and to 'find' you through typical keyword searches
(languages, countries or regions, fields and sub-disciplines, ethnic or
political groups, etc.). Please feel free to contact Dr. Magier if you
have questions about the Directory or need advice on the best way to
construct your entry.

 ____ENTRY FORM_______CUT HERE____

Name _______________________________________________________________


Institutional Affiliation___________________________________________

Mailing Address_____________________________________________________




FAX ________________________________________________________________

full email address__________________________________________________

(include your research/teaching interests, and all relevant keywords such
as languages, countries, regions, disciplines and sub-disciplines, ethnic,
religious or political goupings, historical periods, etc. Keep in mind
that others will use 'keyword searches' to find your listing if they don't
know you by name).









return this info by email to
or by post to David Magier, South Asia Librarian
 304 International Affairs
 Columbia University
 420 West 118th Street
 New York, N.Y. 10027 USA
FAX 212-854-2495
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