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Fri 09 Dec 1994

FYI: 1995 Linguistic Institute, Advanced Translation Studies

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  1. F5JTL aka WX3W, 1995 Linguistic Institute
  2. Uwe Reinke, Advanced Translation Studies Center

Message 1: 1995 Linguistic Institute

Date: Wed, 7 Dec 1994 17:34:22 -1995 Linguistic Institute
From: F5JTL aka WX3W <>
Subject: 1995 Linguistic Institute

The 1995 Linguistic Institute has a home page:

The table of contents includes:

 General information

 Checklist of deadlines

 The faculty (Pictures will be added later)

 Behind the scene

 Course decriptions


 Concurrent events descriptions

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Message 2: Advanced Translation Studies Center

Date: Thu, 8 Dec 1994 19:48:09 +Advanced Translation Studies Center
From: Uwe Reinke <>
Subject: Advanced Translation Studies Center

 * Advanced Translation Studies Center (ATSC) *

The Department for 'Applied Linguistics, Translating and
Interpreting'(Fachrichtung 8.6 'Angewandte Sprachwissenschaft
sowie Uebersetzen und Dolmetschen') at the University of
Saarbruecken belongs to the established university institutes in
the Federal Republic of Germany offering degree programmes for
future translators and interpreters. The Department has now
founded the

 Advanced Translation Studies Center

The Center offers one-week courses on the state of the art in
translation / interpretation as it is taught in the degree courses
for translators and interpreters. The courses on the translation
of LSP texts, culture specifics in texts, multilingual terminology
management, machine translation and interpretation reflect the
School's areas of specialization. International guest speakers
will provide a broader international context. Target group:
(prospective) students and teachers in translation /
interpretation, practitioners in the field and all those who are
interested in obtaining a quick overview of the academic
discipline. In spring 1995, the following courses will be held:

I. Languages for special purposes (LSP) and translation
Introduction into the methodology of translating LSP texts.

I.1 Title: The Methodology of Translating LSP Texts

Summary Description:
Data-bank terminology versus text-specific meanings in LSP Texts;
text analysis for special-language texts, including information
structures and isotopy analysis; identifying term variants in
context; disambiguizing multiple term meanings.

I.2 Title: Practical Translations of
A. Economic/Business Texts
B. Science and Technology Texts
C. Legal Documents
D. Political Commentaries and Speeches

Summary Description:
Indentifying text-specific terminology problems (term variants,
multiple meanings, focussedmeanings in context); researching
target text equivalents, register analysis and contrastive special
language text norms; functional analysis and final target text

II. Culture and translation

Title: Translating Cultural Specifics in Texts

Summary Description:
State of the art, theoretical introduction into holistic
approaches, practical application with a variety of text types
(informative/technical, vocative, expressive)

III. Multilingual Terminology Management

Title: Principles of Terminology Management and Documentation

Summary Description:
Introduction into the theory of terms and terminology, concept
relations and hierarchies, contrastive terminology, data bank
entries, computer-aided terminology management

IV. Machine Translation

Title: Theory and Practice of Machine Translation

Summary description:
History and development of machine translation; state of the art,
recent developments and projects; European projects and the
efficiency of commercial systems; translation memory systems;
machine translation / terminology interface

V. Interpretation

Title: Interpretation Refresher

Summary Description:
Foundations in rhetoric, note-taking, consecutive and simultaneous
interpretation strategies, interpreting during conversation

Information on all courses

Language: English (with reference to German)

University of Saarbruecken, Fachrichtung 8.6, Postfach 15 11 50,
Im Stadtwald, Bau 4

Length: 1 week, 9.00 - 13.00 h, July/August and February/March

Academic Responsibility:
Prof. Dr. Heidrun Gerzymisch-Arbogast
- Phone: ++49 / 681 / 302 - 4246
- Fax: ++49 / 681 / 302-4440

1500,- DEM per block of instruction

For further information please contact:
Dipl.-Dolm. Jessica Pfeil
University of Saarbruecken
Fachrichtung 8.6
Postfach 15 11 50
Phone: ++49 / 681 / 302-4248
Fax: ++49 / 681 / 302-4440
E-mail: (Internet)
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