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Tue 08 Feb 1994

Sum: Machine Translation

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  1. Aleksander Murzaku, Summary on MT

Message 1: Summary on MT

Date: Wed, 2 Feb 94 16:08 EST
From: Aleksander Murzaku <>
Subject: Summary on MT

Thanks to the information received from:

Julia Aymerich (
 Georgetown University
 Pan American Health Organization
John Hutchins (
 Editor, MT News International
Kutz Arrieta-Stemen (
 Logos Corporation
Ken Beesley (
 Xerox Corporation

I'm forwarding the summary to the list hoping that somebody else
will find it useful. Please keep present that maybe some of the addresses
can be old (I hadn't the time to check them).

Best regards,

Aleksander Murzaku
Microlytics, Inc.

 ---------------- cut here for the summary ---------------------

orgn: Pan American Health Organization
addr: 525 23rd St. NW
 Washington, D.C. 20037
syst: DOS, mainframe
cont: Julia Aymerich (, Muriel Vasconcellos

name: Globalink Translator
orgn: Globalink, Inc.
addr: 9302 Lee Hwy. 12 floor
 Fairfax, VA 22031
 800 255 5660
cont: Dominic Laiti

name: PC-Translator
orgn: ?

name: METAL
orgn: ?

orgn: World Translation Center
addr: 7854 Ivanhoe Ave
 P.O. Box 907
 La Jolla, CA 92037
cont: Joan P. Ryan

name: DosAmigos
orgn: Westcliff Software
addr: 343 Soquel #207
 Santa Cruz, CA 95062
 408 459 8811
 800 669 6825

name: Spanish Assistant
orgn: MicroTac Software
addr: 4655 Cass St. Suite 214
 San Diego, CA 92109
 800 366 4170

name: Translate
orgn: Bilingual Corp
addr: P.O. Box 292700
 Davey, FL 33329
 800 232 8228

name: ?
addr: Panama

name: ?
orgn: Linguistic Products

name: ?
orgn: Logos Corporation
addr: New Jersey
cont: Kutz Arrieta-Stemen (

name: ?
orgn: ALPNET
addr: 1815 S. State St. Fourth Floor
 Orem, UT 84057
 801 227 2300
cont: Thomas Seal


Other information sources:

MT News International
Editor: John Hutchins (

'yellow book' with addresses of companies dealing with MT
Association for Machine Translation in the Americas
Washington, D.C.

BYTE (Dec 1992)
Chris Miller
Article + list of all commercially available PC MT systems in the USA.
A more complete version of the same article can be obtained from the
American Translators Association.
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