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Tue 08 Feb 1994

Sum: Field Methods

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Message 1: Field Methods

Date: Sat, 05 Feb 1994 14:21:27 Field Methods
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Subject: Field Methods

 I received three responses on textbooks for Field Methods. The term is
 apparently used to refer to data collection by decsriptive linguists
 and by language teaching research specialists.
 A. Descriptive Linguistics:

 1. SAMARIN, William J. (1967). Field Linguistics. A Guide to
 Linguistic Field Work. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston.
 2. KIBRIK, A.K. (1977). The Methodology of Field Investigation in
 Linguistics. The Hague: Mouton.

 3. BURLING, Robbins (1984). Learning a Field Language. Ann Arbor: Univ
 of Michigan Press.
 4. COMRIE, Bernard and SMITH, Norval (1977). Lingua Descriptive
 Studies: Questionnaire. Lingua 42, 1-72. -- not a textbook, but
 guide to describe the data.
 5. BOUQUIAX, Luc and J.M.C. Thomas (1992). Studying and Describing
 Unwritten Languages. SIL.

 B. Applied Linguistics:
 1. FREED, Barbara F. (1978). From the Community to the Classroom:
 Gathering Second-Language Speech Samples. Arlington, Va.: CAL

 Thanks to all the responders.
 I use the Lingua Questionnaire for my project on Preservation of
 Endangered Languages.

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