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Wesley Hudson. Pragmatic Constraints on Binding into Noun Phrases. Ph. D. Diss.
 U.S.C. Distr. by GSIL Publications (
This study analyzes a set of constructions referred to as Specificity Effects,
where the possibility of extracting from within or binding into a Noun Phrase
depends on non-syntactic properties of the NP. In contrast to a number of
syntactic studies of this phenomenon (Fiengo and Higginbotham (1981), Bower
(1987), Diesing (1990)), this work argues for a non-syntactic analysis of
Specificity Effects. Thus the inability to quantify into specific NPs follows
from a pragmatic equivalent to structurally determined wide scope readings. The
class of NPs which induce such wide scope readings is defined in terms of two
distinct pragmatic properties. The first is referentiality as defined in Burge
(1974), where the interpretations of referential NPs are relativized to acts of
reference performed on particular occasion of utterance. The second property is
based on Hawkins (1991)'s approach to anaphora with (in)definite NPs' and
involves the implicatures speakers utilize in conveying whether or not a
referent is identifiable. These pragmatic properties are shown to correlate
with the opacity of NPs more closely than syntactic or semantic properties.
 GSIL Pulbications
Patricia Schneider-Zioga. The Syntax of Clitic Doubling in Modern Greek. 1994
 In this dissertation it is argued that Clitic Doubling involves a
predication structure where a Clitic Left Dislocated (CLLDed) expression, which
is a copy of the clitic doubled expression, is the subject of the predication
and the clitic and doubled expression serve as the predicate variable (cf.
 Iatridou (1991) for CLLD):
 (a) Noun Phrasej [predicate ... cliticj-V Noun Phrasej ...]
Either the CLLDed or the doubled argument may phonetically delete. The
difference between clitic doubling and CLLD is a matter of whether the topic or
the doubled expression is phonetically (but not syntactically) deleted.
 This proposal accounts for what kind of lexical projections allow clitic-
doubling; the difference in behavior between accusative and oblique clitic
doubled expressions; the impossibility of doubling QPs that contain expressions
needing antecedents and other reconstruction effects; as well as the scope
interpretation of doubled QPs. Assymetries between clitic doubling and CLLD are
also addressed.
For more information, please contact:
 1993/94 ca.250pp. paperbound approx. USD 50 Rosenberg & Sellier
 via Andrea Doria 14, I-10123 Torino (credit card accepted)
This collection comprises papers by: L. Haegeman, N. Duffield, I. Laka, J.
Ouhalla, E. Pearce, L. Progovac, G. Puskas, M-L. Rivero and R. Zanuttini.
It appears in two successive issues of "Rivista di Linguistica": 5,2 (1993)
and 6,1 (1994); the second one will be available very soon. An obvious
alternative to the separate purchase of these issues is the subscription to
the journal.
Pier Marco Bertinetto Scuola Normale Superiore ///////
tel. ++39/(0)50/509111 dei Cavalieri 7 ///////
fax: ++39/(0)50/563513 I-56126 PISA ///////
Murray, Stephen O. (El Instituto Obregsn, San Francisco). Theory
Groups and the Study of Language in North America. A Social History.
JOHN BENJAMINS 1994 xxi, 596 pp. HISTORY OF LING Hb: US: 1 55619 364 5
/ 90 272 4556 8 US$110.00 / Hfl. 210,-- This is a detailed social
history of North American linguistic traditions and "revolutionary"
challenges to them, covering the last century and a half. In
particular, the book traces the relatively recent growth of generative
syntax out of neo-Bloomfieldian structuralism, under the nurturing
(contrary to popular myth) of powerful "gatekeepers" like LANGUAGE
editor Bernard Bloch. Although focusing on groups, Murray resurrects
many of the forgotten writers on language in society who were not
participants in schools or theory groups. Moreover, he formulates a
theory of the social basis for claims of "scientific revolution", and
provides a suggestive analysis of why some approaches succeeded while
others failed in the continuing and often rhetorically violent
contention in linguistics. Includes a 74-page bibliography. Studies in
the History of the Language Sciences, 69
THE DISCOURSE OF NEGOTIATION - Studies of Language in the Workplace
Edited by Alan Firth, Denmark ISBN: 0-08-042400-7 Hardback
Viewing negotiations at a micro level of analysis, this book
focuses on a wide variety of settings, from industrial meetings
to comsumer helplines.
*Available for discussion*
Published October 1994 by Elsevier Science Ltd Tel: +44 (0) 1865 843685
Langauge in the Andes, P. Cole, G. Hermon & M. D. Martin (eds.), 400
pp., Latin American Studies Program, 113 Ewing Hall, U. of Delaware,
Newark, DE 19716, Volume includes papers on
sociolinguistics (P. P. Plaza, U. von Gleich & W. Wolck, A. M. Escobar,
N. Hornberger, Diana Weber); syntax (W. Adelaar, S. Dedenbach-
Salazar Saenz & J. de Dios Yapita Moya, R. Floyd, P. Muysken, N.
Ostler, S. van de Kerke, David Weber); phonology (R. Aranovich, R.
Cerron-Palomino, P. Landerman); & language teaching (R. Andersen,
J. L. Daza & R. Robison). Price: US $12, individuals; $20, libraries &
other institutions) incl. shipping; $2 surcharge to addresses outside
the U.S. To order, send a check in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank
made out to the University of Delaware to above address. This
series is not automatically purchased by libraries so you may wish to
recommend the book to your library.
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