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John Benjamins 1994 xi, 285 pp. Linguistics
 Cloth: US: 1 55619 376 9/EUR: 90 272 3027 7 US$65.00/Hfl. XX,--
Continuity in Linguistic Semantics
C. FUCHS and B. VICTORRI (eds.)
Until recently, most linguistic theories as well as theories of cognition have
avoided use of the notion of continuity. However, several linguistic trends,
sharing a preoccupation with semantico-cognitive problems (e.g. cognitive
grammars, 'psychomechanics', 'enuciative theories'), are trying to go beyond
the constraints imposed by discrete approaches. At the same time, mathematical
(e.g. differential geometry and dynamical systems) and computer science tools
(e.g. connectionism) have been proposed that can be used for modeling of
continuous linguistic phenomena.
The first part of the book is devoted to linguistic issues, the second part
deals with modeling issues.
Contributions by: A. Culioli; C. Fuchs; C. Harris; D. Kayser; R. Langacker; G.
Leech; P. Le Goffic; J. Petitot; J. Picoche; V. Prince; J-M. Salanskis; H.
Seiler; R. Thom; D. Touretzky & B. Victorri.
Lingvisticae Investigationes Supplementa, 19
1995. iv, 251 pp. + index Hb 1-55619-259-2 $ 64.00
Process, Image, and Meaning
WOLFGANG WILDGEN University of Bremen
In the sense of this work, the development of a "realistic" model of meaning
has to account for the ecological basis of meaning in perception, action, and
interaction, and is realistic in the sense of "scientific realism", i.e. it is
based on the paradigm of dynamical systems theory.
In this work, Wildgen proceeds from the positing of a semantic model of
sentences within recent proposals to a realistic model elaborating on the
consequences of the theory. This includes discussions of valence, basic
prediction, multi-stability and the application of chaos theory.
Pragmatics and Beyond New Series, 31
xii, 280 pp. Hb 1-55619-299-1 $67.00
The Reality of Linguistic Rules
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
This volume presents a selection of the best papers from the 21st Annual
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Linguistics Symposium. Researchers from
linguistics, psychology, computer science, and philosophy, using many different
methods and focusing on many different facts of language, addressed the
question of the existence of linguistic rules. Are such rules best seen
as convenient tools for the description of languages, or are rules actually
invoked by individual language users? Studies in Language Companion Series, 26
1994. xxiii, 466 pp. + index Hb 1-55619-378-5 $ 115.00
John Benjamins 1994 xx, 287 pp. + index Ling. Theory
 Cloth: US: 1 55619 563 X/EUR: 90 272 3612 7 US$79.00/Hfl. 150,--
The recent resurgence of interest in the evolution of grammatical form and
meaning from lexical material has reinvigorated historical analysis and theory
and led to advances in the understanding of the relation between diachrony and
universals. The richness and potential of some of the leading approaches to
grammaticalization are here illustrated in thirteen selected papers from a
Symposium held at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in April 1990.
This is the second of two volumes deriving from the same symposium; the first
volume, Explanation in Historical Linguistics, edited by Garry W. Davis and
Gregory K. Iverson, was published by John Benjamins in 1992.
Contributions by: W. Pagliuca, J.L. Bybee, K. Carey, U. Claudi, D. Cyr, R.
Epstein, J. Haiman, B. Heine, P.J. Hopper, P. Kilroe, T. Ohori, J.C. Paolillo,
J. Rubba, D.I. Slobin.
Goad, H. On the Configuration of Height features (1993)
Halmari, H. A Government Approach to Finnish-English Intrasentential Code-
 Switching (1994)
 For more information, please contact us by e-mail, or by
 fax: 213-740-9306 Department of Linguistics, University of Southern
 California, Los Angeles, CA 90089-1693 U.S.A.
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