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TOC: Language and Linguistics in Melanesia

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LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS IN MELANESIA, Journal of the Linguistic Society
of Papua New Guinea and the Society on Pidgins and Creoles in Melanesia
Edited by: J.M. Clifton
CONTENTS: Volume 25, No. 1 (April 1994)
Britten Arsjo" Topic in Ama Discourse
Terry Crowley Practical Issues in Bislama Lexicography
Gunter Senft Spatial Reference in Kilivila:
 The Tinkertoy Matching Games-A Case Study
John Lynch On the Origin of Tok Pisin _na_
Gunter Senft Grammaticalisation of Body-Part Terms in Kilivila
CONTENTS: Volume 25, No. 2 (October 1994)
John M Clifton Stable Multilingualism in a Small Language Group:
 The Case of Kaki Ae
Dorothy J. James Word Tone in a Papuan Language:
 An Autosegmental Solution
John Nystrom Three Transitivity Markers in Arop-Sissano
William Staley Theoretical Implications of Olo Verb Reduplication
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