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Fri 11 Feb 1994

Sum: Parsing

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Message 1: summary: parsing query

Date: Fri, 4 Feb 1994 16:59 EDT summary: parsing query
Subject: summary: parsing query

I received the following two responses in regard to my query
on parsing literature:


> Date: Tue, 1 Feb 94 09:56:28 JST
> From: James Magnuson <>

>you might want to check out the special issue of _language and cognitive
>processes_ on parsing and interpretation. it includes a general intro
>& review by gerry altmann.

>_lang. & cog. proc._, 1989, vol 4, parts 3 & 4 (?)


> Date: Tue, 1 Feb 94 04:19:31 CET
> From: "m.h.breukhoven" <>

>hope this helps?

>Early, J. 1968 An efficient Context-free Parsing Algorithm, PhD CMU.

>Winograd, T. 1983 Language as a cognitive proces, Addison-Wesley,MA

>King, M. 1983 Parsing natural language. Academic Press, London.

>Y.Matsumoto, H.Tanaka, H.Hirakawa,H.Miyoshi,H.Yasukawa.1983 BUP: a bottom up
>parser embedded in prolog. New Generation Computing, 1(2).

>Sparck Jones, K. and Y.Wilks 1983 Automatic natural language parsing. Ellis
>Horwood, Chisester.

>Pereira,F.C.N and S.M.Shieber 1987 Prolog and natural language analysis. CSLI

>Dowty,D.R.,L.Karttunen, A.M.Zwicky 1985 Natural language parsing, Cambridge
>University Press.

>Grosz, B., B.L. Webber and K. Spark Jones 1986 Readings in natural language
>processing. Morgan Kaufmann, Los Altos CA.

>Thompson,H. and Ritchie 1984 Implementing natural language parsers. In
>T.O'Shea and M.Eisenstadt Artificial intelligence: tools,techniques and
>applications, Harper & Row, NY.

>Whitelock,P.J., M.M.Wood,H.L.Somers, R.Johnson, P.Bennet 1987 Linguistic
>theory and computer applications. Academic Press, London.

>Marc Breukhoven
Thanks to both of you.
Rich Rath
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