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Sat 12 Feb 1994

Qs: MT; MT tools; Lisp for the MAC

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  1. Ted Pedersen, Q: Example Based MT
  2. a mcelligott, MT tools etc.
  3. Michael Kac, LISP for the Mac

Message 1: Q: Example Based MT

Date: Thu, 10 Feb 1994 09:45:01 Q: Example Based MT
From: Ted Pedersen <>
Subject: Q: Example Based MT

I am interested in finding out about current research being conducted
in the area of Machine Translation (MT) that has been variously termed
Memory Based MT, Analogy Based MT, or Example Based MT. (Maybe there
are other terms?)

I have worked with rule based MT systems in the past and I was
disappointed with the results. I'm very curious to see if some better
results might be obtained by mixing rule based and
example/analogy/memory based systems.

I have located the following references. Clearly this list is short
and surely dated. Any other contributions would be much appreciated.
If you have some opinions or experiences to relate about this area I
would be very interested in hearing those.

Brown et al. 1989 "A Statistical Appraoch to Machine Translation". Yorktown
Heights: IBM Research Divison

Chen et al. 1991 "ArchTran: A Corpus-based Statistics-oriented
English-Chinese Machine Translation System" MT Summit III, July 1991.

Sadler 1989 "Working with Analogical Semantics: Disambiguation
Techniques in DLT" Dordrecht:Foris

Sato and Nagao 1990 "Towards Memory Based Translation" COLING'90.

Sumita et al. 1990 "Translating with Examples: A New Approach to
Machine Translation" The Third International Conference on Theoretical
and Methodological Issues in Machine Translation of Natural Language,
June 1990.


* Ted Pedersen *
* Department of Computer Science and Engineering, *
* Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX 75275 (214) 768-2126 *
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Message 2: MT tools etc.

Date: Mon, 7 Feb 1994 20:09:22 +MT tools etc.
From: a mcelligott <>
Subject: MT tools etc.

I should appreciate any information you can provide me with on the

Electronic Dictionaries - especially bi-lingual dictionaries,
where one can attempt to access, costs etc.

An information on the TWB project - Translator's Workbench and
Translation Editors.

Thanking you in anticipation,

 Annette McElligott, CSIS Dept., University of Limerick, Ireland.
 Tel: +353 61 333644 ext. 5024; Fax: +353 61 330876

 Email: or
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Message 3: LISP for the Mac

Date: Tue, 8 Feb 1994 20:18:10 -LISP for the Mac
From: Michael Kac <>
Subject: LISP for the Mac

Can anyone recommend a decent version of LISP for the
Macintosh? Please respond to me personally ( I'll
summarize to the list if it's warranted.

Michael Kac
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