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Sat 12 Feb 1994

Books: Typology; Historical Ling

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  1. I, Typology; Historical Ling

Message 1: Typology; Historical Ling

Date: Sat 12 Feb 1994
From: I <>
Subject: Typology; Historical Ling

Comrie, Bernard & Maria Polinsky (eds.) CAUSATIVES AND TRANSITIVITY x,
 399 pp. Cloth US:1 55619 375 0/EUR:90 272 3026 9
 US$110.00/Hfl. 210,-- John Benjamins
Includes 18 typological studies of causative and related constructions
(transitivity, voice, other expressions of cause) inspired by the
pioneering work of the Leningrad typology Group. The volume is based on
the concept ofcausative constructions as embracing both morphology and
syntax, with an important semantic component as well. The papers deal
with general problems related to causatives and also offer detailed
treatment of individual languages (Russian, English, Aleut, Even etc.)
Contributors: L. H. Babby, C. V. Chvany, B. Comrie, E. V. Golovko, M.
Haspelmath, A. A. Kibrik, M. Koptjevskaja-Tamm, I. Kozinsky, L. I.
Kulikov, A. L. Malchukov, E. S. Maslova, I. A. Mel'cuk, J. C. Moreno, I.
A. Muravyova, J. Nichols, V. A. Plungian, V. I. Podlessskaya, M.
Polinsky, N. R. Sumbatova.


Kurzova, Helena (Czech Academy of Science) From Indo-European to Latin. The
evolution of a morphosyntactic type xiv,
 259 pp. Cloth US:1 55619 558 3/EUR:90 272 3606 2 US$59.00/Hfl.
 110,-- John Benjamins.
Describes the typological characteristics and development of the original
Indo-European structure called the derivative-flectional stage (or (sub)type),
tracing its development to the paradigmatically-flectional stage. The book
tries to penetrate to the original form and historical sources of the IE
flectional type without presupposing radical typological change between proto-
IE and IE, with the author assuming, as opposed to traditional theory, that
the origins of flection lie in lexico-derivative categorization.
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