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Sat 12 Feb 1994

Books: Phonology; Phonetics

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  1. I, Phonology; Phonetics

Message 1: Phonology; Phonetics

Date: Sat 12 Feb 1994
From: I <>
Subject: Phonology; Phonetics

 1993 x, 251 Clothbound:US:1 55619 551 6/EUR:90 272 3600 3
 US$54.00/Hfl. 110,-- Paperbound:US:1 55619 555 9/EUR:90 272 3601
 1 US$24.95/Hfl. 50,-- JOHN BENJAMINS
This is a general discussion of the phonology of English within the
frameworks of lexical, metrical, and prosodic phonology. It not only
presents a synthesis of current approaches but also reconciles their
discrepancies and presents critical commentary. There is a discussion of
current theories, segment and syllable structure, stress, and prosodic
categories and their role in determining the application of segmental
rules. Two chapters discuss lexical phonology as divided into a cyclic
and a postcyclic stratum, while the final chapter discusses postlexical
phonology and some other approaches.
The book includes exercises and can be used as an undergraduate or
graduate textbook; at the same time, it is a valuable research tool for


Panconcelli-Calzia, Guilio (1878-1966) Geschichtszahlen der Phonetik
(1941) with Quellenatlas der Phonetik (1940). New Edition with an
introduction in English by Konrad Koerner
 1993 xxxviii, 82, 86 pp. 1 portrait Clothbound US:90 272 0957
 X/EUR:90 272 0957 X US$65.00/Hfl. ,-- JOHN BENJAMINS
These two monographs by one of the most distinguished phoneticians of
the first half of this century, Giulio Panconcelli-Calzia (1878-1966),
are still today the most comprehensive accounts of the three-thousand
year history of the study of sound by humans. An introduction in English
on the history * and historiography * of phonetics by the editor
provides the setting for not only the reprint of Panconcelli-Calzia's
work, but also for the ongoing research and scholarship in the field. A
16-page bibliography covers phonetic history writing over a period of
more than one hundred years.

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