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Message 1: CUNY Conference Program

Date: Sat, 12 Feb 1994 09:28:12 CUNY Conference Program
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Subject: CUNY Conference Program

(To the LINGUIST list editors: I apologize for the first announcement which
I submitted to you for posting on the list: it was too long. I hope this
abbreviated version can be posted. Irina Sekerina, CUNY Grad Center)
 March 17-19, 1994

City University of New York Graduate Center; University of Arizona, Cognitive
Science Program; University of Massachusetts at Amherst; The Center for
the Sciences of Languages, University of Rochester

The conference will be at the CUNY Graduate Center, 33 West 42nd Street,
New York, N.Y. 10036

THURSDAY AFTERNOON 17 MARCH (Auditorium, Library level) (registration
from 12.00)

1.00 Janet L. Nicol, Kenneth I. Forster (U. Arizona), and Gabriella Vigliocco
(U. Trieste)
-- Production of (and Sensitivity to) Subject-Verb Agreement Errors
1.30 Bob Carpenter (Carnegie Mellon U.)
-- Principle-based Parsing in HPSG
2.00 Michael K. Tanenhaus, Michael Spivey-Knowlton, Kathy Eberhard, and Julie
Sedivy (U. Rochester)
-- Exploring the Language-Vision Interface: Using Eye Movements to Monitor
Spoken Language Comprehension in Visual Contexts

 coffee and refreshments 2.30-3.00

3.00 H. Nicholas Nagel and Lewis P. Shapiro (Florida Atlantic U.)
-- The Effect of Linguistic Prosody on the Processing of Long Distance
3.30 Edgar Zurif (Brandeis U. & Boston U. School of Medicine), David A. Swinney
 (U. California, San Diego), Penny Prather (Boston U. School of Medicine &
 Boston VMAC), and Tracy Love (U. California
, San Diego)
-- The Processing of Intra-Sentence Dependencies in Aphasia: Evidence for
Cerebral Localization of Processing Resources
4.00 Dianne Bradley and Bernadette Dejean de la Batie (Monash U.)
-- Word Boundary Ambiguity in Spoken French

 coffee and refreshments 4.30-5.00

5.00 Richard S. Kayne (CUNY Graduate Center)
-- Tutorial on Syntactic Theory - The Antisymmetry of Syntax

 WINE RECEPTION 6.00-8.30 - 17th Floor
 (Cash bar 18th Floor)
 POSTER SESSION 6.30-8.30 - 17th Floor

 FRIDAY MORNING 18 MARCH (Auditorium) (coffee and bagels from 8.30)
 Special Session: Competence and Performance: Long-Distance Dependencies

9.00 Paul Gorrell (U. Maryland)
-- Grammars, Parsers, and Long-distance Dependencies
9.30 Martin Pickering (U. Glasgow)
-- Sentence Processing as Dependency Formation
10.00 Annie Zaenen (Rank Xerox Research Centre, France)
-- Long-distance Dependencies and Word-order Variation without Traces

 coffee and refreshments 10.30-11.00

11.00 Ted Gibson (MIT)
-- Sentence Processing with Empty Categories
11.30 Ivan A. Sag (Stanford U.)
-- Long-distance Dependencies without Empty Categories
12.00 Mark Steedman (U. Pennsylvania) PLEASE POST
-- Grammars and Principles

 Special Session: Syntactic Structure in Connectionist Systems

2.30 Paul Smolensky (U. Colorado, Boulder)
-- Optimality in Universal Grammar, Acquisition, and Processing
3.15 William Bechtel (Georgia State U.)
-- Establishing Dependency Relations in Connectionist Networks
3.45 George Berg (SUNY Albany) and John E. Rager (Amherst College)
-- From Explicit to Implicit: Three Ways to Get Connectionist Syntax

 coffee and refreshments 4.15-4.45

4.45 James B. Henderson (U. Pennsylvania)
-- Connectionist Syntactic Parsing Using Temporal Variable Binding
5.15 Suzanne Stevenson (U. Toronto)
-- Competition and Disambiguation in a Network Model of Human Parsing
5.45 Gerard Kempen and Theo Vosse (U. Leiden)
-- The Unification Space: A Hybrid Model of Human Syntactic Processing

 SATURDAY MORNING 19 MARCH (Auditorium) (coffee and bagels from 8.30)

9.00 Cornell Juliano and Michael K. Tanenhaus (U. Rochester)
-- Using Connectionist Modeling to Evaluate a Lexicalist Proposal for Parsing
9.30 Paola Merlo (U. Geneva)
-- Determining Objective Norms of Verb Continuation Frequencies for Syntactic
10.00 Laurie A. Stowe (Rijksuniversiteit & University Hospital, Groningen)
-- PET Studies of Language Processing: The Technique, the Data, and
the Potential


 coffee and refreshments 10.45-11.15

11.15 Janet Dean Fodor (CUNY Graduate Center) and Atsu Inoue (Kantoogakuin U.,
-- The Diagnosis and Cure of Garden Paths
11.45 Lyn Frazier (U. Massachusetts)
-- Sentence (Re)-analysis
12.15 Laurie A. Stowe, Edith Kaan (Rijksuniversiteit & University Hospital,
Groningen), Peter Culicover, and Michael Torello (Ohio State U.)
-- Predicate Argument Structure: Subcategorization or World Knowledge?

 Special Session: Lexical Semantics

2.30 Yael Ravin (T.J. Watson Research Center, IBM)
-- Introductory Tutorial
3.00 David Dowty (Ohio State U.)
-- 'The garden swarms with bees' and the Fallacy of So-called Argument
3.30 Sue Atkins (Oxford University Press)
-- Learning from the Language: a Corpus-centred Approach to Dictionary

 coffee and refreshments 4.00-4.30

4.30 George A. Miller and Claudia Leacock (Princeton U.)
-- Lexical Aspects of Sentence Processing
5.00 James Pustejovsky (Brandeis U.)
-- Polysemy and Compositionality

CUT HERE_______________________________________________________________________

Please pre-register if possible. Pre-registration fees must be included with
this form; fees may be paid with check or money order payable to CUNY SENTENCE
PROCESSING CONFERENCE. Pre-registration will be accepted through 14 March.

 Student Non-Student
Preregistration $10 $30__________________ Some additional student
 travel fellowships may
 may be available. Fill
 in your social security
 /student I.D.#
Walk-in registration $20 $40 here to apply for trave
 l funds IF AVAILABLE.
 deadline 28 February.

NAME: __________________________________________________

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ADDRESS: ___________________________________

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*Faculty name and signature to verify student status: _________________________
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 Send registration form and fee to:

 Sentence Processing Conference
 Linguistics Program
 CUNY Graduate Center
 33 West 42nd Street
 New York, NY 10036

 Any queries to LNGGCCUNYVM (BITNET) or Tel: 212 642 2154
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