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Thu 17 Feb 1994

Jobs: Foreign instructor position, Eight month position

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  1. Tancredi Chris, Foreign Instructor Position at Yokohama Nat'l. Univ (Ling, Lit, TEFL..)
  2. , 8 month Teaching Term Position, Memorial University

Message 1: Foreign Instructor Position at Yokohama Nat'l. Univ (Ling, Lit, TEFL..)

Date: Mon, 14 Feb 94 21:09:01 +0Foreign Instructor Position at Yokohama Nat'l. Univ (Ling, Lit, TEFL..)
From: Tancredi Chris <>
Subject: Foreign Instructor Position at Yokohama Nat'l. Univ (Ling, Lit, TEFL..)

As indicated in the following documents, we will have a position
opening as of April 1, 1994. THIS IS VERY SOON. Interested
applicants are requested to submit the materials indicated below as
soon as possible, and accept our apologies for not being able to give
more advanced notice. I will be happy to answer inquiries regarding
the position over e-mail, though I will unfortunately not be able to
respond before early March. More information about inquiries is given
at the end of this announcement.

Christopher Tancredi
Yokohama National University

************************** POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT ****************************
The Department of English, Faculty of Education, Yokohama National
University has a position to be filled by a full-time foreign teacher
as of April 1, 1994. Selections are to be made on an open competition
basis, and anyone interested as long as he/she fulfills the
requirements is requested to read the following documents carefully
and submit the application papers to the Chairperson of the Department
no later than March 15, 1994. The official notification to the
successful candidate is to be mailed out toward the end of March 1994,
while the unsuccessful applicants will be notified as soon as the
Committee for Documentary Screening has come up with a result.

Thank you for your interest in the position at Yokohama National



1: Nationality
Any nationality is acceptable as long as the applicant is a native
speaker of English.

2: Degree
The applicant should hold the minimum of an M.A. degree.

3: Field of Specialization
The applicant must have majored in one of the following:
 (1) Literature (American or British)
 (2) Linguistics
 (3) TEFL (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language)
 (4) Area Studies (Japan or any of the English-speaking countries)
 (5) Other disciplines related to Language Teaching

4: Teaching experience
Priority is to be given to the applicant with previous or current
teaching experience.

5: Age
The applicant must be 45 years of age or younger as of April 1, 1994.



1. Courses to be Taught
English conversation and/or composition, plus American/English
Literature or Linguistics.

2. Teaching Responsibility
Six class hours per week, one class hour being 90 minutes in length.

3. Prospective Date of Employment
April 1, 1994

4. Contract
The contract is to be signed by both parties, the foreign teacher and
the Japanese Ministry of Education, for 23 monthes initially, which
then is extendible on a one-year contract basis.

5. Wages
Monthly salary of anywhere between 365,200 yen (roughly US $3,300) and
675,400 yen (roughly US $6,100) is to be paid to the foreign teacher,
depending on his/her age, degrees held, and teaching experience.

6. Travel Expenses and Baggage Allowance
(1) On coming to Japan -- travel expenses plus baggage allowance for
the contracted teacher and his/her dependents will be paid
approximately six months after their arrival in Japan.
(2) On returning to home country -- Expenses are to be paid on
condition that the hired teacher has completed the minimum two-year
teaching term at Yokohama National University.

7. Housing
Housing expenses are to be partially borne by the Government of Japan.

8. Health Insurance
The University will not pay for the insurance of the contracted
teacher. However, he/she as an individual can purchase a National
Health Insurance Service policy, which covers approximately 70 percent
of the purchaser's medical expenses.



1. The applicant is required to submit the following to the
Chairperson of the Department of English. All application documents
must be self-made, since there is no official application form
available at the University.

(1) Resume with a photograph attached.
(2) An essay entitled "My Autobiography" with emphasis on the
 applicant's language teaching philosophy; or
 A report on the applicant's academic interests; and/or
 A report on the applicant's academic accomplishments.
The above essay/report must be typewritten and each should not exceed
1,000 words.
(3) Recording on a cassette tape of the applicant's self
introduction, voiced by himself/herself. The length of the recording
should be between five and ten minutes.
(4) The title of the applicant's thesis for his/her final degree.
The abstract of the final thesis (200 words maximum) must be attached
in case the applicant does not have any academic publications.
(5) A list of publications, if any.
(6) Names of two people for reference, with their addresses and
present official positions.

2. All application documents must be mailed to the following,
postmarked no later than March 10, 1994.
 Professor Masayuki Sano
 The Department of English
 Yokohama National University
 156 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya-ku
 Yokohama, Kanagawa 240

3. For any further inquire, please contact:
 Professor Ryuichi Suzuki
 Chief, General Affairs
 The Department of English
 Yokohama National University
 [phone] 045-335-1451 Ext. 2144
 (if dialing from abroad, do not include the "0" of "045")

Documented February 3, 1994.
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Message 2: 8 month Teaching Term Position, Memorial University

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 1994 10:48:31 8 month Teaching Term Position, Memorial University
From: <>
Subject: 8 month Teaching Term Position, Memorial University

 Position Announcement

 Department of Linguistics
 Memorial University of Newfoundland

The Linguistics Department, Memorial University of Newfoundland, is seeking
to make an 8 month teaching term appointment effective 1 September 1994,
subject to budgetary approval.
Qualifications: PhD in Linguistics with specialization in syntax and a
demonstrated record of effective teaching and research publications. Duties
to include teaching a variety of linguistics courses at the undergraduate
and possibly graduate levels as well as research guidance.
Deadline for receipt of applications: 22 April 1994.
In accordance with Canadian immigration regulations, this advertisement is
directed to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada. Memorial
University is committed to employment equity. A letter of application,
curriculum vitae, supporting documents, and letters from three referees
should be sent to Dr. J. Black, Head, Department of Linguistics, Memorial
University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NF, A1B 3X9, Canada.
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