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Sat 19 Feb 1994

Sum: Verbs of saying

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  1. Lisa Reed, Sum: Verbs of Saying

Message 1: Sum: Verbs of Saying

Date: Thu, 17 Feb 94 11:32:43 ESSum: Verbs of Saying
From: Lisa Reed <>
Subject: Sum: Verbs of Saying

Last Friday (Feb. 11) I posted a query regarding the exact reference
of an article which I believed was entitled "Verbs of Saying". While I
didn't receive any replies for an article with exactly that title I did
receive several other references on the topic of indirect speech that I
thought might be of interest to other LINGUIST readers. Thanks to
Maher Awad, Bill Croft, Philip Davis, Jane Edwards, Beth Levin, and
Candace McKenna for the suggestions/discussion. --Lisa Reed


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