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Sat 19 Feb 1994

Jobs: German computational, French/Swedish, Research

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  1. , Job: Computational Linguist (German), CMU
  2. mark, Dragon Systems job posting and crosspostings
  3. , Research: Academica Sinica

Message 1: Job: Computational Linguist (German), CMU

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 94 16:15:01 ESJob: Computational Linguist (German), CMU
Subject: Job: Computational Linguist (German), CMU

The Center for Machine Translation at Carnegie Mellon University is
seeking a full-time staff member to work on the German generation
component of a large-scale machine translation system. The chosen
applicant will participate in the creation and testing of German
computational lexicon entries, grammar rules, and semantic mapping
rules for the domain of heavy machinery manuals.

Required skills:

 * Native or near-native fluency in German.
 * Experience with computational grammars, computational lexicons, or

Preferred skills:

 * Programming experience (e.g. Lisp, Unix tools).
 * Experience with machine translation.
 * Formal training in computational linguistics.

Salary will depend on experience and skills. To apply, please send
your resume to Alexander Franz, whom you may also contact via
electronic mail or FAX for further information.

 Alexander Franz
 Center for Machine Translation
 Carnegie Mellon University
 5000 Forbes Avenue
 Pittsburgh, PA 15213

 Fax: (412) 268-6298

The Center for Machine Translation (CMT) is a research center within
the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Founded
in 1986, the CMT presently includes about 50 faculty, staff, graduate
students, and visiting researchers. The CMT conducts basic and applied
research in Machine Translation, Natural Language Processing, text
extraction, and computer-aided language instruction.
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Message 2: Dragon Systems job posting and crosspostings

Date: Wed, 16 Feb 94 16:19:35 ESDragon Systems job posting and crosspostings
From: mark <>
Subject: Dragon Systems job posting and crosspostings

Recently Dragon Systems posted announcements for three jobs on the
LINGUIST list. Evidently some people crossposted a much-
abbreviated version of this announcement to other lists. Many
respondents are requesting information that was in the original
posting, and some are not well qualified. Such applicants are
wasting their own time as well as ours. While we certainly don't
object to crossposting, this incomplete posting has led to hours
of wasted effort for many people.

In addition, we have been receiving a large number of
applications from Europe. Commercial and legal considerations
create obstacles to hiring US non-residents and non-citizens, so
overseas applicants should realistically not expect serious
consideration unless they are extremely well qualified. We regret
not making this clear in the original announcement.

Please help us. If you crossposted the original announcement,
please post this entire message, including this text, to the same
place WITHOUT MODIFICATION. Even if you originally crossposted
the complete notice, someone else may have picked it up and passed
on a mutilated version. We hope this complete announcement will
chase down and supersede all abridgements. The original text
appears below.

The moral is:


 ------------- Original announcement follows --------------


Should have a very strong academic background in quantitative
science or mathematics and an interest in research. Independent
and efficient C programmer. Expert knowledge or native fluency in
French required, including a large vocabulary and an excellent
grasp of grammar. Academic background or practical experience
with probability, speech science or linguistics would be an asset.
C++, DOS and Windows experience a plus.


Native French language skills and linguistics background and
interest in applying syntactic and semantic knowledge to text
analysis is required. Must be detail-oriented and methodical.
Job involves working with large amounts of text to analyze
vocabulary. Strong marketing interest and experience with DOS and
text editors is needed. C programming skills and other foreign
languages a plus.


Native Swedish language skills and linguistics background
required. Interest in applying syntactic and semantic knowledge
to text analysis with marketing experience desirable. Must be
detail-oriented and methodical. Must have excellent communication
skills, project management skills. Familiarity with DOS and
Windows environments and fluency in other foreign languages a


Please do not reply to the poster of this announcement.
Interested candidates should address resumes and inquiries to:

 Linda Manganaro
 Dragon Systems, Inc.
 320 Nevada Street
 Newton, MA 02160


 fax: +1 617 332-9575 (attention: Linda Manganaro)

Please indicate position of interest and salary requirements in a
cover letter. No phone calls, please. Dragon Systems offers a
relaxed yet highly intellectual work environment, excellent
benefits and competitive compensation.

Affirmative Action/EEO employer. Women, minorities and others are
encouraged to apply.
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Message 3: Research: Academica Sinica

Date: Fri, 18 Feb 1994 10:20:12 Research: Academica Sinica
From: <>
Subject: Research: Academica Sinica


 The Linguistics Section of the Institute of History &
Philology, Academia Sinica invites applications from citizens of
the Republic of China for research positions with the possibility
toward tenure track post. The area of specialization is open, but
preference will be given to those in following fields:

 Phonology, Semantics, Acoustic Phonetics,
 Sociolinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Chinese Dialects,
 Kadai Languages, and Austroasiatic Languages.

 Applicants already holding a PhD will be considered for the
position of Assistant Research Fellow (equivalent to an Assistant
Professor); applicants holding an M.A. only will be considered for
the position of Research Assistant. These are purely research
positions and no teaching is required. The beginning salaries for
these positions are NT56,270 (about $2,250) and NT40,010 (about
$1,600) per month respectively, plus bonuses.

 Applicants should send a vitae, transcripts from graduate
school, an abstract of the MA thesis or dissertation (including the
title, chapter by chapter summary, methodology, materials, and main
conclusions), and two letters of recommendation to:

 Professor Ho Dah-an, Head
 Linguistics Division
 Institute of History and Philology
 Taipei 115 Taiwan ROC.

 The deadline for receipt of these materials is March 31, 1994.
Those applying will be notified of our decision around the
beginning of April. Those notified of preliminary acceptance would
then be expected to send the complete text of the thesis or
dissertation by the end of May for evaluation.

 For more information, applicants should write to the address
above or send e-mail messages.
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