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 6-7 July 1994
 Paris, France


Co-sponsored by DG XIII's Language Research Engineering (LRE)
programme and the French ministries of Research (Ministere de
l'Enseignement Superieur et de la Recherche) and Industry (Ministere
de l'Industrie, des Postes et Telecommunications et du Commerce


The development of a multilingual language industry within Europe has
accelerated over recent years. Helped in large part by the promotion
of language engineering by the Commission of the European Communities
(CEC) and the national initiatives in the Member States, research and
development in natural language and speech processing is beginning to
produce commercially viable technologies. In parallel, the
initiatives launched by the French ministries of Research (Ministere
de l'Enseignement Superieur et de la Recherche) and Industry
(Ministere de l'Industrie, des Postes et Telecommunications et du
Commerce Exterieur) are producing user-oriented applications in
the field of information processing.

1994 is an important year for this field. While CEC R&D actions within
the Third Framework Programme are reaching fruition, new actions are
soon to be launched under the Fourth Framework Programme, most notably
DG XIII's Language Engineering initiative. Comparable programmes are
in preparation by the French ministries of Research and Industry.
Coming at the interface between these actions, the Convention will
help the R&D and the user communities to review what has been
accomplished so far, and to identify new priorities for the second
half of this decade.

The goals of the event are to provide an image of the language
engineering profession to the outer world and to the practitioners
themselves; to publicise the achievements of language engineering
programmes and projects and to stimulate industrial take-up of the
results; to increase coordination and synergy between projects; to
provide a forum for meetings between language engineers working in
different environments, e.g., research institutes and industry; and
finally, to provide postgraduate students with an opportunity to learn
about the language engineering profession.

The programme of the Convention, sponsored jointly by the Commission
of the European Communities and the French ministries of Research and
Industry, will be organised around invited presentations from leading
international researchers, with a special focus on results from
ongoing European projects. Accompanying the Convention will be an
exhibition of language-based applications developed by major R&D
companies and laboratories.



Applications Present and Future

* Information Management: Indexing, storage and retrieval
* Information Management: Categorisation, message extraction and routing
* Multilingual Systems and Localisation
* Robust Speech Interfaces
* Multimodal Communication and Dialogue Management
* Sectoral and Horizontal Applications
* Market Prospects for Language Engineering

Technology, Standards and Infrastructure

* Technology Assessment
* System Evaluation
* Language Resources: Corpora and Lexicons
* NLP Toolkits


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