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Tue 22 Feb 1994

Qs: Celtic Handbook: Breton speaker needed

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  1. Marion GUNN, La/mhleabhar Ceilteach < Celtic Handbook >

Message 1: La/mhleabhar Ceilteach < Celtic Handbook >

Date: Wed, 16 Feb 94 15:16:04 GMLa/mhleabhar Ceilteach < Celtic Handbook >
Subject: La/mhleabhar Ceilteach < Celtic Handbook >

 Please reply to address below my signature, rather than to the list.
 would print & pass this message to friends in Cornwall and Brittany
 who are without access to e-mail services, I should be grateful.

I wish to acknowledge publicly my thanks to Brian Stowell and Stephen Miller
of Mann, to Mona Williams and Dewi Evans of Wales, Rivanon Kervella and Jann
Guillamot of Brittany, Richard Gendall, Graham Sandercock and Ray Chubb of
Cornwall, Ailean Do\mhnallach and Murdo MacLeod of Scotland, Rody Gorman and
others (who will all be mentioned in the book!) who helped furnish material
for the Celtic languages handbook I am editing, now (DEO GRATIAS!) near its
completion--is, in fact, scheduled to be launched During the Celtic Congress
this Easter (venue: Falmouth, Cornwall; dates: week of April 4-9). When, at
the Doolish Congress of a couple of years ago, I floated this idea, thinking
how obvious our need for a common phrasebook, and how simple it would be for
some of us in the Celtic countries to make it a reality, I guessed it might
take a couple of years to complete the job, given that all my collaborators,
would, like me, be involved in other things, & adding it to their workload.
Well, our two years are up, and it has been mostly fun, rather than work, so
here is a request for your help--always _is_ such a request, isn't there?:-)
--I need one more native Breton speaker to proofread the Breton section (it
is actually quite small, consisting of a list of common words and phrases, a
keyword index, and one page of bibliographic references & addresses of some
organizations in Brittany) and someone with a thorough knowledge of Cornish
to do the same for the Cornish part. Please supply a fax number for reply.
Dew genes, Kenavo,
Marion Gunn

Snailmail address: Irish Dialect Archives
 Faculty of Celtic Studies
 University College Dublin
 E/ire (Ireland)

Fax no.: +353-1-269 4409

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