LINGUIST List 5.210

Wed 23 Feb 1994

Qs: Syllable coda, PC-KIMMO, North Halmaheran, Bali-Sasak

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  1. John Goldsmith, Syllable coda possibilities
  2. "Evan L. Antworth", PC-KIMMO descriptions wanted
  3. , North Halmaheran languages
  4. , Bali-Sasak languages and Sumbawan

Message 1: Syllable coda possibilities

Date: Tue, 22 Feb 94 11:19:55 GMSyllable coda possibilities
From: John Goldsmith <>
Subject: Syllable coda possibilities

I'd like to ask my Linguist List colleagues to help me to
put together a list of languages which restrict their
coda possibilities in the way that several linguists have
discussed since Prince drew our attention to it in 1984.
These languages have the following characteristics:

a. geminate obstruents exist
b. no stop or affricate may appear in the coda (unless it
is part of a geminate consonant)
c. typically, at least, the onset permits no stop-liquid
d. a nasal may appear in the coda of a syllable, but

only if it is homorganic to a following consonant
(restriction lifted for phrase-final nasal)

I'd like to gather a list of such languages, along with

the following information, if available:

i. the inventory of consonants in the language
ii. does the language permit any fricative + obstruent
clusters word-internally (and if so, can we determine
which syllable the fricative is in)?
iii. what consonants may appear word-finally?
iv. can any liquids appear in the coda (i.e.,

are there liquid + obstruent clusters inter-
vocalically)? Any glides?
v. Is there a good description of the phonology
of the language available?

Please send me your answers, and I'll post a summary.
John Goldsmith
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Message 2: PC-KIMMO descriptions wanted

Date: Tue, 22 Feb 1994 09:44:18 PC-KIMMO descriptions wanted
From: "Evan L. Antworth" <evan.antworthSIL.ORG>
Subject: PC-KIMMO descriptions wanted

I frequently receive inquiries from people looking for PC-KIMMO
descriptions (i.e. rules and lexicon) for various languages,
especially Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Russian.
Unfortunately, I have to reply that I know of none. Does anyone
have such descriptions that they would be willing to make
publicly available? Even "toy" descriptions could be useful.
Please contact me directly.

--Evan Antworth

P.S. PC-KIMMO is a morphological parser based on Kimmo
Koskenniemi's two-level model of morphology. It is
distributed by the Summer Institute of Linguistics.
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Message 3: North Halmaheran languages

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 1994 15:25 ESTNorth Halmaheran languages
From: <>
Subject: North Halmaheran languages

I would appreciate any references to books, articles or other works on
North Halmaheran languages of the West Papuan Phylum. I am particularly
interested in descriptive and historical linguistic studies. My email
address is:
My mailing address is: Department of Anthropology
 University of Pittsburgh
 Pittsburgh, PA 15260
(My name is Robert Allen.)
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Message 4: Bali-Sasak languages and Sumbawan

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 1994 16:02 ESTBali-Sasak languages and Sumbawan
From: <>
Subject: Bali-Sasak languages and Sumbawan

I need references on languages and dialects spoken on the Indonesian island
of Sumbawa and on the Bali-Sasak group of languages. I would greatly
appreciate any information on these. My e-mail address is:

Thank you,
Rika Hayami Allen
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