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Sum: Clitics

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Message 1: Summary: Clitics

Date: Sun, 20 Feb 1994 15:45:54 Summary: Clitics
Subject: Summary: Clitics

The following is a summary of replies to my January 27th request for info. on
Spanish clitics. I'd like to thank all those who replied; you have been most
 Responses received from the following Linguist subscribers:
 1. Embleton, Sheila.
 2. Huffman, Alan.
 3. Joseph, Brian.
 4. Lattey, Elsa.
 5. Uber, Diane Ringer.
 6. White, Brian.

 References received:
1. Clitics: A comprehensive bibliography 1892-1991. (forthcoming, 1994).
 Compiled by Joel A. Nevis together with Brian D. Joseph, Dieter Wanner &
 Arnold M. Zwicky. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Co.
2. The Acquisition of Clitic Pronouns in Spanish: Two Case Studies. (1990)
 By Bill VanPatten. In Second Language Acquisition/Foregin Language Learning,
 Edited by Bill VanPatten and James F. Lee. Clevedon/Philadelphia:
 Multilingual Matters Ltd.
3. The Role of Linguistic Theory in Linguistic Analysis: The Spanish Pronoun
S System. (1975). By Erica Garcia. Amsterdam/Oxford: North-Holland
 Publishing Co.
4. Clitic Usage in New York and the Carribean. (1988). By Diane Ringer Uber.
 HISPANIA 71, 385-391.
5. Contextual Determinants of Third-Person Clitic Usage in Spanish. (1987). By
 Diane Ringer Uber. In Thirteenth LACUS Forum 1986. Edited by Ilah Fleming.
 Lake Buff, IL: Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States,
6. Actions and Activeness in Spanish Clitic Selection. (1986). By Diane Ringer
 Uber. In Studies in Romance Linguistics. Edited by Olwaldo Jaeggli and
 Carmen Silva-Corvalan. Dordrecht: Foris, 153-165.
7. A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish. By John Butt and Carmen Benjamin.
8. Usos de "se". By J.A. de Molina Redondo.
9. Los Pronombres. By Alvaro Porto Dapena.
10 Las Construcciones Pronominales en Espanol.(1979). By M.A. Martin Zorraquino.
11 The Categories of Grammar: French LUI and LE. (Forthcoming). By Alan Huffman.
 John Benjamins.
12 The Role of Meaning in Grammatical Change: The Shift of GE to SE. (1972). By
 Flora Klein-Andreu. PhD Dissertation, Columbia University.
13 A Semantic Analysis of the Difference Between EL/LA and LO. (1977). By
 Ricardo Otheguy. In Studies in Romance Linguistics. Edited by M. Suner.
 Washington , DC: Georgetown University Press.
14 Grammatical Systems Across Languages: A Study of Participation in English,
 German, and Spanish. (1980) By Elsa Lattey. PhD Dissertation, City
 University of New York.

I received an extensive list of references from Dr. Alan Huffman,
which I wish to thank him for. Not all of those references are included above,
since it would make the list extremely long. Interested persons can e-mail me
for the list . Again, thanks everyone so much for your help: Agradezco mucho su
 Phillip Elliott, Jr.
 PhD Candidate,
 Second Language Acquisition and Teaching Program
 The University of Arizona

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