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Thu 06 Jan 1994

Confs: Scrambling and Cliticization

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  1. Penner Zvi, Workshop on Scrambling and Cliticization

Message 1: Workshop on Scrambling and Cliticization

Date: Wed, 05 Jan 1994 15:42:18 Workshop on Scrambling and Cliticization
From: Penner Zvi <>
Subject: Workshop on Scrambling and Cliticization

Workshop on the L1- and L2-Acquisition of Clause-Internal Rules:
Scrambling and Cliticization
University of Berne, Institute of Linguistics
January 21-23, 1994

Information and Pre-Registration

The Workshop will be held in the "Unitobler Hoersaaltrakt", room F021, of the
 University of Berne, Lerchenweg 36 (bus line 12, direction "Laenggasse", stop
 "Tobler" i.e. the 4th stop after "Bahnhof").

Registration will take place on site. Friday, 21 January, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.,
 office B162, Laenggassstrasse 49 (1st floor). Workshop fee: SFr. 60..

Travel to Berne
 - by air: From Zuerich-Airport there is a train every hour. Duration of the
 journey: approximately 90 minutes. From Geneva-Airport there is also a train
 every hour. Duration of the journey: approximately 2 hours. - by train: there
are direct train connections from Basel, Geneva, Domodossola and of course from
 - by car: Not recommended! There is no car park at "Unitobler" and in the
 "Laenggasse" parking is restricted to 90 minutes! You can, however, leave your
 car in one of the car parks outside of the city [e.g. Park+Ride Neufeld (15
 min. walk), "Stadtbachparking" (near the Hotel Isola), etc.]

 - We have reserved rooms for the speakers in Hotel Isola Garni, Niesenweg 10
 (bus line 11 direction "Gueterbahnhof", stop "Insel" i.e. the 2nd stop after
"Bahnhof"); 15 minutes walk to "Unitobler". We assume that there are still some
 free rooms left for non-speakers (special rates). If you are interested, you
 should contact the hotel directly: Tel.: ++41-31-302 17 11;
Fax: ++41-31-302 41 65
 - Otherwise: Please contact the Tourist Info Berne (Tel.: ++41-31-311 66 11;
 Fax: ++41-31-312 12 33).

Please send us a message containing the following information:
Deadline: January 10, 1994
 - name, address / affiliation, telephone no., fax no., e-mail address
Our address is: Zvi Penner, Universitaet Bern, Institut fuer Sprachwissenschaft
 Laenggassstrasse 49, CH-3000 Bern 9
Tel.: ++41-31-631 37 55; Fax: ++41-31-631 36 03


Friday: "Scrambling"

1300-1345: Overview 1: Focusing Particles: Aspects of their Syntax and Logical
 Form / J. Bayer (U Stuttgart)

1345-1430: Negation, Infinitives and Heads / C. Hamann (U Geneva)

1430-1515: The Development of Chains and Empty Categories / K. Wexler (MIT)


1545-1630: The Relevance of Focus Particles for Language Acquisition / R. Tracy
 (U Tuebingen), J. Weissenborn (MPI fuer Psycholinguistik), Z. Penner (U Bern)

1630-1715: Economy Considerations in L2-Acquisition of Scrambling, Case and
 Topicalization in Japanese / D. Saddy, S. Abe (U Queensland)

1715-1800: Raising to SPEC and Adjunction Scrambling in German Child Language /
 S. Eisenbeiss (U Duesseldorf)

Saturday: "Scrambling"

0845-0930: Overview 2: Scrambling: The State of Art / H. Haider (U Stuttgart)

0930-1015: Scrambled Subjects and Objects as Early Evidence for
Constraints / S. Powers (MPI fuer Psycholinguistik)


1045-1130: Verb-Particle Constructions in Child Language / N. Hyams (UCLA), K.
 Johnson (UMASS), J. Schaeffer (UCLA)

"Clausal Structure"

1130-1215: True Pro-Drop in Child English and the Principle of Economy of
 Projection / T. Roeper, B. Rohrbacher (UMASS)


1400-1445: Interactions between the Acquisition of French OBJ-Pro-Drop and the
 Development of the C-System / N. Mueller, B. Crysmann, G. Kaiser (U Hamburg)

1445-1530: Paralell Development of DP and CP / G. Josefsson (U Lund)


1545-1630: Object Placement in Early German / M. Schoenenberger (U Geneva), J.
 Weissenborn (MPI fuer Psycholinguistik), Z. Penner (U Bern)

1630-1715: On the Acquisition and Loss of Agreement in Swedish Nominal
Phrases / G. Hakansson (U Lund)



1730-1815: Overview 1: Cliticization and the Structureof DP / A. Cardinaletti (U

1815-1900: The L2-Acquisition of Cliticization in Standard German / M.
 Young-Scholten (U Durham)



Sunday: "Cliticization"

0845-0930: Destructuring in Language Acquisition and in Advanced Romance / F.
 Benucci (U Padova)

0930-1015: The Automatic Identification and Classification of Clitic Pronouns /
 R. Clark, S. Kapur (U Penn)


1045-1130: Overview 2: Cliticization: A Typology of Movement / M. Haverkort (U

1130-1215: Clitic Pronouns in Developmental Dysphasia: A Case Study from
Italian / P. Bottari (U Perugia), P. Cipriani, A. Chilosi (U Pisa)


1315-1400: The Acquisition of Pronoun Placement / A. Cardinaletti (U Venice),
M. Starke (U Geneva)

1400-1445: Participle Agreement in Early Grammars and Cliticization /
V. Torrens (U Barcelona)

1445-1530: Cliticization, Filler Syllables and Universal Particles: Their
 Function in Determining Learn Strategies / P. Gretsch, F. D'Avis (U Tuebingen)
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