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Sun 13 Mar 1994

FYI: Correction, WECOL Proceedings, Mosaic

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  1. David Silva, Correction on Intro to Language Texts
  2. Vida Samiian, WECOL Proceedings
  3. Margaret M. Fleck, Mosaic

Message 1: Correction on Intro to Language Texts

Date: Thu, 10 Mar 94 13:47:26 CSCorrection on Intro to Language Texts
From: David Silva <>
Subject: Correction on Intro to Language Texts

Since the posting of my summary on texts/readers for an "Introduction to
Language" course I've received two messages that clear up the confusion
regarding the material by Rosa, Eschholz and Clark.

What I believed to have been multiple incarnations of a single book is
in reality TWO different texts:

* Clark, Eschholz & Rosa, _Language: Introductory Readings_ (St. Martin's)
 Sources tell me this is a set of readings for a general intro course;
 it's currently in its 5th edition.

* Eschholz, Rosa, & Clark, _Language Awareness_ (St. Martin's)
 Sources tell me this collection is more oriented towards students
 in a composition or education course; it's up to edition 6.

This information should make ordering exam copies easier for those interested.
My apologies for any confusion I may have inspired.

--David Silva (
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Message 2: WECOL Proceedings

Date: Thu, 10 Mar 1994 12:27:57 WECOL Proceedings
From: Vida Samiian <>
Subject: WECOL Proceedings

Proceedings of the Western Conference on Linguistics
Held at the University of Arizona, Oct. 16-18, 1992

WECOL 92 (volume 5) is now available for $16.00. The proceedings
include 30 articles by the following authors:

Farrell Ackerman & Phil Lesourd, Carl Alphonce & Henry Davis, Paul
Bloom, Laurent P. Dekydtspotter, Patrick Farrell, Hana Filip, Elly van
Gelderen, Grant Goodall, Larry Hagberg, Petra Hendriks, Sharon Inkelas
& Orhan Orgun, Mark Kas & Eric Hoekstra, Tracy Holloway King, Shinsook
Lee, Adrienne Lehrer, Jan Mohammad & Simin Karimi, Mario Montalbetti,
Keiko Murasugi, Keiko Murasugi & Mamoru Saito, Kumiko G. Murasugi,
Naoko Nemoto, Soonhyuck Park, Maria Polinsky, Bernhard Rohrbacher,
Dale W. Russell & J. Michael Lake, Dingxu Shi, Kuo-ming Sung, Meng
Yeh, Keiko Yoshida, and Ke Zou.

TO order WECOL 92, send a check for $16 payable to "WECOL Proceedings"

Vida Samiian
Department of Linguistics
California State University Fresno
Fresno CA 93740-0092

tel. (209) 278-2441 e-mail:

WECOL volumes 1-4 are still available for $16 each (at the above
address). Through April 30, 1994, these volumes (1-4) may be purchased
at a discount at $10 each. Please specify which volume you wish to
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Message 3: Mosaic

Date: Mon, 7 Mar 1994 17:59:06 GMosaic
From: Margaret M. Fleck <>
Subject: Mosaic

Mike Hammond suggested that various groups post their interests on the
list. Groups with internet access and graphics terminals should also
be aware of a new system called Mosaic (sometimes also "Web of the
World"). This system allows local information (anything from campus
maps to lists of faculty to the full text of recent technical reports)
to be posted on the internet easily. The format includes not only
formatted text, but also graphics and even sound tracks.

This system is distributed free (it was developed by an academic site
in Europe) and is easy to use, so it has been spreading very fast in
the computer science community. We just got the code ourselves, so
I'm not an expert. My best advice is to see if your CS department or
computer center has Mosaic up and, if so, ask them for help, example
files, etc.

At the moment, only some of this list may be able to use Mosaic. For
example, I don't think most of the linguists at my site have good
enough internet access. However, it looks like it may replace many of
the current network information servers as linguists (and scientists
in other fields) get access to better computing facilities.

Margaret Fleck
 (U. Iowa, CS Dept,
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