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Sat 02 Apr 1994

Jobs: Spanish; French translation; French ling.

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  1. Kutz Arrieta-Stemen, Job anouncement
  2. "Le Flem C. D.", Job
  3. , French post at York

Message 1: Job anouncement

Date: Thu, 31 Mar 94 16:12:21 ESJob anouncement
From: Kutz Arrieta-Stemen <>
Subject: Job anouncement

YAR, a translation company located in New York City, is looking for a
manager for its Spanish Department. The candidate should be native and
should have experience in translation.
For more information, call Elisabeth Mantello at (212)4474000.
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Message 2: Job

Date: Fri, 1 Apr 1994 13:15:41 EJob
From: "Le Flem C. D." <>
Subject: Job


Le Departement de langues et linguistique de la Faculte des lettres de l'Uni-
versite Laval ouvre un concours pour un poste de professeur en redaction tech-
nique frangaise. Poste a temps complet. Date d'entree en fonction: le 1er
juillet 1994. Doctorat en linguistique ou dans un autre domaine pertinent.
Enseignement de plusieurs cours specialises du Certificat de redaction techni-
que. Recherche et encadrement de la clientele etudiante des 2e et 3e cycles
dans le domaine. Supervision des activites du programme et contribution dyna-
mique a son developpement. Experience de l'enseignement de la redaction tech-
nique au niveau universitaire ainsi que de la pratique professionnelle de la
redaction en milieu quebecois. Connaissance et utilisation des ressources
informatiques. Aptitude a collaborer avec des specialistes de diverses disci-
plines ayant des liens avec la redaction technique: industriels, administra-
teurs, vulgarisateurs scientifiques, communicateurs, museologues et litteraires
Recherche et dossier de publications dans le domaine. Conditions d'engagement
et de traitement selon la convention collective en vigueur entre l'Universite
Laval et le Syndicat des professeurs de l'Universite Laval. Curriculum vitae
complet et a jour, un exemplaire des principales publications, ainsi que le nom
et l'adresse de trois repondants et, le cas echeant, la liste des employeurs, a
l'adresse suivante: Monsieur le directeur, Departement de langues et linguis-
tique, Faculte des lettres, Universite Laval, Sainte-Foy (Quebec), Canada,
G1K 7P4. L'Universite Laval applique un programme d'acces a l'egalite. En
accord avec les exigences du Ministere de l'immigration au Canada, cette offre
est destinee en priorite aux citoyens canadiens et aux residents permanents du
Canada. Date de cloture: le 30 mai 1994.
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Message 3: French post at York

Date: Sat, 2 Apr 94 12:24 BST
Subject: French post at York

Job opportunity. Permanent Lectureship in French Language and
Linguistics. Department of Language and Linguistic Science,
University of York, England.

The successful applicant for this post will have near-native or
native competence in French, a strong commitment to French
language teaching, experience of recent language-teaching
methods, and the capacity to teach the French language from post
'A' level to honours degree level. He or she will be an active
researcher in some area of French language studies, French
linguistics or general linguistics (including applied
linguistics, sociolinguistics or psycholinguistics). She or he
will be responsible for degree level courses in French language,
and there will be some scope for a contribution to teaching in
French linguistics or in general linguistics.

The post is available from 1 Oct 1994. starting salary will be
within the lecturer A range: UK pounds 13,601 -18,855

Letters of application (six copies), including full curriculum
vitae and the names of three referees, should be sent by 7 April
1994 to the Personnel Office, University of York, Heslington,
York YO1 5DD. Complete details follow. A copy may also be
obtained by writing to the above address.

General details of post Candidates should have a native or
near-native competence in French and a strong commitment to the
teaching of the French language, backed up by relevant
experience in language teaching methodologies and technologies.
She or he will be capable of contributing to French language
courses from post 'A' level to honours degree level, teaching a
range of language skills and specialisms to students whose
interests are focussed in language and linguistics. The
four-year course in French and Linguistics aims to achieve a
high level of language competence in the first year; more
specialized courses (e.g. in varieties of French, in business
French, history of French, or in French linguistics) are offered
in the second and fourth year. The third year is spent on
placement at a University in France.

There are three other members of the department's French
section: two lecturers (mrs. M-A hintze and Dr. Bernadette
Plunkett) and a full-time language assistant. The annual
undergraduate intake of the department is some 60 students, of
 whom up to 30 specialise in French. The department's general
undergraduate programme combines the study of linguistics and
language. We teach Chinese, English, French, German and Hindi
(currently also Swahili and Swedish) alongside a wide range of
courses in Linguistics. Undergraduates study one or more
languages and linguistics, and have a wide range of choice in
the structure of their degree. There are also flourishing taught
graduate MA courses in linguistics and in Linguistics and
English Language Teaching, and a higher degree programme leading
to DPhil/MPhil in areas reflecting the research activity of the

The successful candidate will be an active researcher in some
area of French language studies, or the linguistics of French or
more general linguistics relevant to the Department's work. The
department provides a lively and supportive research
environment; our research is mainly focussed on phonetics,
phonology, sociolinguistics and syntax but the research
interests of members of the department include semantics,
computational linguistics, conversational analysis, historical
linguistics, dialectology, second language acquisition,
psycholinguistics and aspects of applied linguistics. The
department also houses a major research project into high
quality speech synthesis which is funded by British Telecom Plc.

The organisation of French teaching within the department -
including the placement of students at French Universities on
the year away, monitoring their progress and making periodic
contact visits - is shared among the French staff and applicants
must be willing to take part in the associated administrative
work, as well as in other aspects of departmental
administration. The candidate's main area of activity and
responsibility will be in French language teaching. There will,
however, be some scope for a contribution to teaching in French
linguistics and/or in general linguistics. There is considerable
flexibility for the incoming candidate to develop individual
teaching interests. Depending on abilities, interests and
experience, the successful candidate may also have the
opportunity to contribute to postgraduate teaching or
supervision. The precise duties of the post will be by
arrangement with the Head of Department.

Some information on undergraduate courses offered in the
Department is enclosed, and a list of members of staff and their
interests is also included.

Salary, etc. The starting salary will be within the Lecturer's
salary scale (grade A), currently #13,601 -#18,855 per annum,
according to age, qualifications and experience.

The University will meet the full cost, within reason, of
removal of furniture and household effects within the United
Kingdom. The extent of payment of removal expenses of members of
staff coming from overseas is at the discretion of the
Vice-Chancellor. Three estimates of removal costs (one of which
should be from a York firm) must be obtained and the University
will meet the cost of the lowest estimate.

Method of application Six copies of applications (one only from
overseas candidates) with full curriculum vitae and giving the
names and addresses of three referees, should be sent by 7 April
to: Personnel Department, University of York, Heslington, York
YO1 5DD, UK (fax (0904) 433433). Please supply e-mail addresses
and fax numbers both for yourself and for referees if possible.
There are no printed application forms. In their letter of
application candidates should outline their teaching experience
and their research interests and plans, and they should outline
the contribution they would wish to make to the department, in
both teaching and research. Please quote reference number

Interviews will be held in York on the afternoon of Thursday 19
May. In the morning candidates will be invited to meet members
of the department, and will be expected to give an informal
presentation for not more than 15 minutes on some aspect of
their research to a small audience of members of staff.

Members of staff and their interests The department's research
interests cover a broad range, with equal emphasis on formal
linguistics (syntax, semantics, phonology), on applications of
linguistic theory (bilingualism, conversational analysis,
psycholinguistics, second language acquisition,
sociolinguistics, speech synthesis), and on studies of
particular languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German,
Hindi, Swahili, Welsh). The department houses a major research
project on speech synthesis, funded by British Telecom Plc.

March 1994 End of details.

[For a complete description of the faculty and linguistics program,
contact the poster of this message.]
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