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Tue 05 Apr 1994

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  1. Mark Adderley, Language Quarterly (fwd)

Message 1: Language Quarterly (fwd)

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 1994 16:51:15 Language Quarterly (fwd)
From: Mark Adderley <>
Subject: Language Quarterly (fwd)

If anybody would like to review the following books, please contact the
LANGUAGE QUARTERLY as soon as possible:

Barbara Lalla, and Jean D'Costa, "Language in Exile: Three Hundred Years
of Jamaican Creole"

Phil Carr, "Phonology"

Francis Katamba, "Morphology"

Vivian Cook, "Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition"

Wolfgang Klein and Clive Perdue, "Utterance Structures"

Ted Briscoe et. al., "Studies in Natural Language Processing"

Cecilia Ford, "Grammar in Interaction: Adverbial Clauses in American English"

Zirka Derlycia, "Everyday Ukrainian" (with 10 tapes)

Revere D. Perkins, "Deixis Grammar and Culture"

Madeleine Bates and Ralph M. Weischedel, "Challenges in Natural Language

John Goldsmith, ed. "The Last Phonological Rule"

Henk J. Verkuyl, "A Theory of Aspectuality"

Eve V. Clark, "The Lexicon in Acquisition"

Anthony R. Warner, "English Auxiliaries: Struture and History"

Lois Bloom, "The Transition from infancy to Language: Acquiring the Power
of Expression"

Anybody interested in reviewing the above books for LANGUAGE QUARTERLY
should contact Mark Adderley by e-mail at

Thank you very much.

Mark Adderley
Univ. of S. Florida
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