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Wed 06 Apr 1994

Confs: Student Conference in Linguistics 6

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Message 1: Student Conference in Linguistics 6

Date: Mon, 4 Apr 1994 17:21:49 -0400
From: scil6 <>
Subject: Student Conference in Linguistics 6
Sixth Annual Student Conference in Linguistics
May 8-9, 1994
Preliminary Program
Sunday, May 8
2:00 pm Spyridoula Varlokosta, University of Maryland, College Park
 Factive Complements and Wh-extraction
2:45 Milagrosa Ramos-Santacruz, Georgetown University
 Silent Heads of Spanish Wh-phrase Free Relatives
3:30 Maria-Luisa Jimenez, Georgetown University
 Foci, Topics, and their Position in Spanish
4:15 break
4:30 Daniel Buering, Cologne University
 The Interaction of Focus, Phrase Structure, and Quantification
5:15 Jairo Nunez, University of Maryland, College Park
 The Discourse Representation of Tense Sequencing in Narratives
6:00 Karen Leigh Brown, Indiana University
 Interpreting Progressives
8:00 Conference party
Monday, May 9
8:45 am Hiroyuki Ura, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 "Hyper-raising" and the Theory of pro
9:30 Daniel Buering, Cologne University & Katharina Hartmann,
 Frankfurt University
 Rightward Movement Rules O.K.
10:15 break
10:30 Carole Tenny Boster, University of Connecticut, Storrs
 Processing, Parameter Setting, and Early Null Subject
11:15 Ronald Fein, Harvard University
 The Acquisition of the Genitive of Negation in Russian
12:00 pm lunch
2:00 Eunjoo Han, Stanford University
 Prosodic Constraints in Compounding
2:45 Gorka Elordieta, University of Southern California
 Phonological Domains Defined by Head-Checking Domains
3:30 Hubert Truckenbrodt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 PF-Movement and Phonological Constituents
4:15 break
4:30 Christine Poulin, Stanford University
 Null Arguments and Referential Shift in American Sign Language
5:15 Christine Brisson, Rutgers University
 The Licensing of Unexpressed Objects in English Verbs
6:00 Alexis Dimitriadis, University of Pennsylvania
 Clitics and Object Drop in Greek and the Romance Languages
Sixth Annual Student Conference in Linguistics
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY
May 8-9, 1994
E-mail Address:__________________________________________________
Fees: $5.00 (US Currency)
Please make checks payable to SCIL 6 Conference.
ASL Interpreting: For any participants who desire ASL interpreting,
we ask that you please contact us as soon as possible so that we may
be sure to have interpreting services available. Some talks have
already been scheduled to have interpreting. If possible, please
indicate any talks which you would want interpreting for.
SCIL '94
MAY 8-9
Housing possibilities:
-Crash space. If you need crash space, please e-mail or see the form below.
-Goler House (University of Rochester). Campus housing with shuttle
 service to the University Buildings.
 Rate: $45 for a single
 $49 for a double.
 Double rooms can accommodate 4 (they come with an extra chair
 that can be turned into a bed and an extra cot can be added
 upon request). If you are interested in this kind of
 arrangement, please e-mail and
 we will reserve the room for you.
-Comfort Inn. Close to the airport (and to campus). Shuttle service
 to campus from 6 a.m. to midnight.
 Rate: $39 for either a single or a double.
 395 Buell Road
 Rochester, NY 14624
 Phone: (716) 436-4400
-Days Inn. Downtown. Shuttle service.
 Rate: $55 for a single
 $58 for a double
 384 East Avenue. (corner Alexander)
 Phone: (716) 325-5010
-Howard Johnson. Close to the airport and campus. Shuttle service
 upon request, for groups.
 Rate: $59 for a double that can accommodate 4.
 Phone: (716) 235-6030
-Motel 6. Close to the airport and to campus. No shuttle service.
 Rate: $40.99 for a double room that can
 accommodate 4.
 $34.99 for a single.
 155 Buell Rd.
 Rochester, NY 14624
 Phone: (716) 436 2170
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