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Fri 08 Apr 1994

Confs: Computational Phonology Workshop (1 July 1994)

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  1. Steven Bird, Computational Phonology Workshop (1 July 1994)

Message 1: Computational Phonology Workshop (1 July 1994)

Date: Thu, 07 Apr 94 16:03:01 +0100
From: Steven Bird <>
Subject: Computational Phonology Workshop (1 July 1994)


1st Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology

 1 July 1994
 New Mexico State University
 Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

 in conjunction with the 32nd Annual Meeting of the
 Association for Computational Linguistics
 27-30 June 1994

 Sponsored by the Association for Computational Linguistics
 and the European Network in Language and Speech (ELSNET)

The first SIGPHON workshop has attracted a wide-ranging collection of
high quality papers. This event will be an ideal opportunity for
researchers in this rapidly growing field to share their results
and for newcomers to the field to learn about the latest work.


Ron Kaplan (Invited Speaker): A brief history of regular phonology

Steven Bird: The Phonetic Interpretation of Tone and a Genetic
 Algorithm for Tone Transcription

Thomas C. Bourgeois and Richard T. Oehrle: Qualitative and
 Quantitative Dynamics of Vowels

Timothy Cartwright & Michael Brent: Segmenting Speech without
 a Lexicon: Evidence for a Bootstrapping Model of Lexical Acquisition

T. Mark Ellison: Constraints, Exceptions and Representations

Michael Mastroianni & Bob Carpenter: Constraint-based Morpho-phonology

Michael Maxwell: Parsing using linearly ordered phonological rules

Gerald Penn & Richmond Thomason: Default Finite State Machines
 and Finite State Phonology

Sheila M Williams: Lexical Phonology and Speech Style: Using a
 model to test a theory

REGISTRATION: Registration fees are $US 20 for participants who
register by 15 May 1994. Later registration will be more expensive.
Registration includes a copy of the proceedings, along with lunch and
refreshments on the day of the workshop. Acceptable forms of payment
are US$ cheques payable to "ACL" or credit card (VISA/Mastercard)
payment. Please submit the following form along with payment:

 institution: <for name tag>
 address: <postal address>
 payment: <specify cheque or credit card>
 credit card info: <name on card, card number, expiry date>
 dietary requirements: <vegetarian etc>

Please send to:

 Leeann Jackson-Eve (SIGPHON Workshop)
 University of Edinburgh
 Centre for Cognitive Science
 2 Buccleuch Place
 Edinburgh EH8 9LW
 Scotland, U.K.

 Email: <>

 Fax: +44 31 650 4587

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Steven Bird (chair), John Coleman, Mark Ellison,
Michael Gasser, Richard Sproat.

TUTORIAL: A half day tutorial on computational phonology will be given
immediately before the ACL conference, on 27 June. It will introduce
computational phonology and to review some of the recent developments
in the field. For further information contact <>.

ACL INFORMATION: For other information on the ACL conference which
precedes the workshop and on the ACL more generally, please use the
ACL LISTSERV, described below.

ACL LISTSERV: LISTSERV is a facility to allow access to an electronic
document archive by electronic mail. The ACL LISTSERV has been set up
at Columbia University's Department of Computer Science. Requests from
the archive should be sent as e-mail messages to

with an empty subject field and the message body containing the
request command. The most useful requests are "help" for general help
on using LISTSERV, "index acl-l" for the current contents of the ACL
archive and "get acl-l <file>" to get a particular file named <file>
from the archive. For example, to get an ACL membership form, a
message with the following body should be sent:

 get acl-l membership-form.txt

Answers to requests are returned by e-mail. Since the server may have
many requests for different archives to process, requests are queued
up and may take a while (say, overnight) to be fulfilled.

The ACL archive can also be accessed by anonymous FTP. Here is an
example of how to get the same file by FTP (user typein is

 $ ftp
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 ftp> cd acl-l
 ftp> get membership-form.txt.Z
 ftp> quit
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