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Mon 11 Apr 1994

FYI: Milwaukee Working Papers

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  1. Edith A Moravcsik, Milwaukee Working Papers

Message 1: Milwaukee Working Papers

Date: Thu, 7 Apr 1994 10:43:25 -Milwaukee Working Papers
From: Edith A Moravcsik <>
Subject: Milwaukee Working Papers

The following issues of _MILWAUKEE STUDIES ON LANGUAGE_ (the linguistics
working paper series of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) are
available for sale. The price per issue is $5.50 including mailing;
make out checks to "UWM Department of English"; send to
 Michael Noonan
 Department of Linguistics
 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
 Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413
For further information, e-mail to Mickey Noonan:

ISSUE #7, August l993:
 Gyongyi Boldog: Some aspects of communication through the
 answering machine
 Garry Davis and Gregory Iverson: Theta-l in Gothic
 Gregory Iverson and Garry Davis: The phonology of the Proto-Indo-European
 root structure constraints
 Gregory Iverson and Hyang-Sook Sohn: Liquid representation in Korean
 Edith Moravcsik: Infixing
 Michael Noonan: A preliminary survey of the noun class system of Kabre
ISSUE #6, March l992:
 Werner Abraham: Text-grammatical considerations for German, or Theme-
 Rheme constituency in German and the question of configurationality
 C.R. Clamans, Ann Mulkern, and Gerald Sanders: Syntagmatic and para-
 digmatic salience signaling in Oromo
 Garry Davis: Lexical representations, reanalysis, and morphemes of
 recent origin in English
 Gregoy Iverson: The stipulation of extraprosodicity in syllabic
 Isao Ueda: Allophonic variation in a functional misarticulation system
 of Japanese
ISSUE #5, March l991:
 Gregory Iverson: (Post)lexical rule application
 Patricia Kilroe: The grammaticalization of French _`a_
 Edith Moravcsik: Why is syntax complicated?
 Michael Noonan: Anti-dative shift
ISSUE #4, April l990:
 Michael Darnell: Control and ergativity in Squamish
 Doris Hansen: A study of the effect of the acculturation model on
 second language acquisition
 Michael Noonan: The tale of two passives in Irish
ISSUE #3, March l989:
 Ellen Barton and Ruth Ray: Summary as interpretation
 Alan Corre: From classical language to vernacular - three case studies
 Jane Danielewicz: Sentences in children's spoken and written language
 Ruth Ray: World view and academic discourse: an analysis of ESL
 Charles Schuster: The ideology of illiteracy: a Bakhtinian perspective
ISSUE #2, March l989:
 Jun Amano: The relationship between substitution and perception of
 sounds in second language acquisition
 Michael Darnell: The prosodic hierarchy and Milton: an attempt to
 account for inversion
 Pamela Downing: Constraints on numeral quantifier float in Japanese
 Fred Eckman, Edith Moravcsik, and Jessica Wirth: Interlanguages -
 how language-like are they?
ISSUE #1, July 1987 (sold out; write to xerox copies of inidivual articles)
 Alan Corre: Hebrew - some modest proposals
 Patricia Goldstein: Universals in interlanguage: a preliminary study
 Michael Hammond: Destressing rules in metrical theory
 Jennifer Petersen: Word-internal code-switching in a bilingual
 child's grammar
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