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Mon 18 Apr 1994

Sum: Inventory of phonetic changes

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  1. Tuite Kevin J., Summary on inventory of phonetic changes

Message 1: Summary on inventory of phonetic changes

Date: Wed, 13 Apr 1994 19:56:36 Summary on inventory of phonetic changes
From: Tuite Kevin J. <>
Subject: Summary on inventory of phonetic changes

Dear Internet Linguists,

A couple of weeks ago I posted a query as to whether
anyone had compiled a handbook of attested sound
changes (Linguist 5-383). I received 11 responses,
over half of them offering titles of works containing
particularly extensive inventories of sound changes,
an even larger number wanting to know what answers I
got, several lamenting the absence of a compendium
of this kind of data, three addressing the transformation
of PIE *duo into Armenian erku (which inspired this
query), one recounting an amusing case of child phonology
(how "grape" came out as [dai] via independently attested
Kinderlautgesetze) and one asking how my last name is
pronounced. Many thanks to all who took the trouble to
respond. I join with you in hoping that someday someone
somewhere will compile a handy (and affordable) guidebook
to sound changes. The lists of titles & contributors follow.
With best wishes,

Kevin Tuite ['tuIt] 514-343-6514 (bureau/office)
Departement d'anthropologie 514-343-2494 (telecopieur/FAX)
Universite de Montreal

Anttila, Raimo. 1972. An Introduction to Historical and Comparative Linguistics
(Chap. 11). New York
Benediktsson, Hreinn. 1970. Aspects of Historical Phonology. In: The Nordic
Languages and Modern Linguistics. Reykjavik
Bynon, Theodora. 1977. Historical Linguistics (Chap. 1). Cambridge University
Janson, Tore. 1983. Sound Change in Perception and Production. Language 59:1
Labov, William. 1972. Sociolinguistic Patterns (Chap. 9). Oxford: Blackwell

 Collinge, N. E. 1985. The Laws of Indo-European (Amsterdam Studies in the
 Theory and History of Linguistic Science. Ser. 4: Current Issues in
 Linguistic Theory, vol. 35). Amsterdam: Benjamins.
 ---vol. 1 of the last ed. of Brugmann's Grundriss.
 ---Mayrhofer's Lautlehre, 'all but lost in vol. 1 of the Indogermanische
 Grammatik (C. Winter, 1986) ed. by Bammesberger, A., and Kurylowicz, J.' --
 ---Hudson-Williams, T. 1961. A Short Introduction to the Study of
 Comparative Grammar (Indo-European). Cardiff: University of Wales Press.
 ---Lehmann, W., ed. 1967. Reader in 19th-Century Historical Linguistics.
 Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

Andre Haudricourt: La phonologie panchronique
Roger Lass has collected "some useful examples in ch. 8 of my
... phonology textbook (Cambridge, 1984): this has
synchronic as well as historical processes."
Grammont's Traite de Phonetique

Marc Picard graciously sent me a copy of his article "On the
evaluation of Competing Analyses in Historical Phonology:
Naturalness, Minimality and the Case of Armenian /erk/"
(Language Sciences, Vol 12 #1, pp 85-99, 1990)
Andre Martinet's _Economie des
changements phonetiques_ (Berne, 1955) i

My thanks once again to those who replied:
Roger Lass <>
Miles Beckwith <>;
Michael Job <>;
Ann Lindvall <Ann.LindvallLING.LU.SE>;
Steven Schaufele <>;
Michael Kac <>;
Robert Westmoreland <>;
Paul Fallon <>:
Marc Picard <>;
David Solnit <>;
Jussi Karlgren <>
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